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non port: graphics/alembic/files/patch-build_AlembicHDF5.cmake

Number of commits found: 2

Sun, 26 Mar 2017
[ 11:27 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:436956
436956 graphics/alembic/Makefile
436956 graphics/alembic/distinfo
436956 graphics/alembic/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
436956 graphics/alembic/files/patch-build_AlembicBoost.cmake
436956 graphics/alembic/files/patch-build_AlembicHDF5.cmake
436956 graphics/alembic/files/patch-lib_Alembic_AbcCoreOgawa_CMakeLists.txt
436956 graphics/alembic/files/patch-lib_Alembic_AbcCoreOgawa_StreamManager.cpp
436956 graphics/alembic/pkg-plist
- Update `graphics/alembic' to version 1.7.1 [*]
- Make HDF5 support (and thus the dependency) optional
- USE_GL and Boost dependencies are no longer needed, remove them and
  their associated patch files
- Remove CMAKE_ARGS: it was setting values which are the defaults now
- Add missing USE_LDCONFIG and move USE_GITHUB together with other USE_*
  knobs: while it makes sense to have a dedicated GitHub-related block
  of knobs, single USE_GITHUB does not really warrant it
- Remove HDF5_ROOT gimmick for Alembic < 1.6.0's AlembicHDF5.cmake as it
  is no longer required (ditto for the patch)

Reported by:	portscout [*]

Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1490314701 which corresponds to commit 895a7c6 tagged
as this release.
Sat, 23 Jul 2016
[ 12:19 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:418962
418962 graphics/alembic/Makefile
418962 graphics/alembic/files/patch-build_AlembicHDF5.cmake
Allow HDF5 to be found with CMake >= 3.6.0.

CMake's FindHDF5.cmake underwent some refactoring upstream and it now respects
the HDF5_ROOT variable in more places and separates HDF5_LIBRARIES from

Do some slight adjustments to the Alembic port for it to continue working with
the upcoming CMake 3.6.1 (they are no-ops with CMake 3.5.2 which is currently
in the ports tree):
- Set HDF5_ROOT via CMAKE_ARGS so that Alembic does not set it to a nonsensical
- Add HDF5_HL_LIBRARIES to ALEMBIC_HDF5_LIBS so that continues to
  be passed to the linker.

PR:		210988

Number of commits found: 2

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