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non port: graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message

Number of commits found XX: 9

Mon, 13 Apr 2020
[ 15:25 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:531610
531610 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
531610 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
graphics/rawtherapee: avoid 2>&1 in test, UCL conversion of pkg-message

- in the smoke tests post-install, don't fold stderr into stdout,
  remove the 2>&1. Version is emitted on stdout, because there are
  sporadic reports of one rawtherapee-cli test not proceeding to
  the echo, and we don't want to mask stderr to see what's up. [1]

- while here, after figuring out that make create-manifest and the
  porter's handbook are inconsistent [2], convert pkg-message to UCL,
  and make sure it's printed on install and on upgrade.
  (Bump PORTREVISION so that pkg-message is shown on upgrade.)

  [2] see

PR:		245592
Reported by:
Sun, 12 Apr 2020
[ 02:34 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:531477
531477 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
531477 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
531477 sysutils/e2fsprogs/Makefile
531477 sysutils/e2fsprogs/pkg-message
e2fsprogs, rawtherapee: Repair more UCL pkg-message conversion errors.

Both pkg-message texts are relevant for updates.

Reverting this part of UNAUTHORIZED commits, and bump PORTREVISION.
Clean up pkg-message.

Failure-inducing commits:

r508837 | mat | 2019-08-13 18:03:11 +0200 (Tue, 13 Aug 2019) | 2 lines

Convert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories e-g)

r508909 | mat | 2019-08-14 14:16:12 +0200 (Wed, 14 Aug 2019) | 2 lines

Convert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories s)

Sat, 14 Sep 2019
[ 11:14 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:512005
512005 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
512005 graphics/rawtherapee/distinfo
512005 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
Update to new rawtherapee release 5.7.

Quoting the webpage:
+ Film Negative tool, for easily developing raw photographs
  of film negatives.
+ Support for reading "rating" tags from Exif and XMP, shown in the
  File Browser/Filmstrip using RawTherapee's star rating system.
+ Hundreds of bug fixes, speed optimizations and
  raw format support improvements.

While here, simplify compiler choice and optimize the output:
- always require GCC >= 9 and binutils
- remove OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS option and always turn it on
- always require SSE2 on i386 and amd64
- turn on LTO (link-time optimization/LTCG link-time code generation
  (I just tried one rawtherapee-cli conversion on a Sony ARW file,
  and CPU user time went down from 25 to 17 s)
- add a note about lensfun data set downloads
Tue, 13 Aug 2019
[ 16:03 mat ] Original commit   Revision:508837
508837 editors/gomate/pkg-message
508837 editors/kak-lsp/files/
508837 editors/lazarus/files/
508837 editors/led/files/
508837 editors/mp/pkg-message
508837 editors/openoffice-4/files/
508837 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
508837 editors/paredit-mode.el/pkg-message
508837 editors/py-pynvim/files/
508837 editors/slime/files/

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Convert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories e-g)
Sat, 23 Mar 2019
[ 23:08 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:496692
496692 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
496692 graphics/rawtherapee/files/patch-proper-cleanup-to-avoid-SIGABRT
496692 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
496692 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
496692 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-plist
rawtherapee: fix exit SIGABRT, enable OpenMP/i386

Backport 'Explicitly destroy static Glib::RefPtr<>s on exit' from
Hombre57's hidpi-icons branch in GitHub (now merged to dev branch).
Also expose pixbufCache globally and explicitly .clear() it before exit().
Fixes the SIGABRT-on-exit issue.

Remove the wrapper that runs ulimit -c 0 before rawtherapee.

Enable OpenMP on i386 (uses GCC for now).

Shorten option descriptions so they don't get truncated.

Only add -msse2 on i386 and amd64, to fix broken aarch64/powerpc64 builds.

Fix various portlint warnings, removing USE_LDCONFIG.

PR:		205370
Sat, 22 Dec 2018
[ 10:46 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:488089
488089 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
Revise BTS links in pkg-message for graphics/rawtherapee
[ 10:38 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:488088
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/distinfo
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/files/patch-rtgui_CMakeLists.txt
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
488088 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-plist
Update to new upstream release 5.5.

Credits to Greg for a thorough preparation of the update,
much appreciated with a huge thank you.

Release announcement:

A selection of news (read the announcement for more, and screenshots):
* stripe artifact removal for phase detection auto-focus (PDAF)
  for Nikon Z6, Z7, and various Sony cameras
* improved support for Canon mRaw
* new Shadows/Highlights tool
* constrast threshold masks to filter effects by high/low detail regions
* new color toning methods
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Sat, 14 Jan 2017
[ 19:39 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:431493
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/patch-rtengine_improcfun.h
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
431493 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
Further cleanup, 11-RELEASE build fixes.

Prune unused dependencies via -Wl,--as-needed.

Build with as few requirements as works for 10.3-RELEASE and
11.0-RELEASE, i386 and amd64. This should use the base CC on anything
but 10.3-RELEASE amd64, where we use GCC 4.9 for OpenMP support.

Specifically, 11.0-RELEASE compilations do *not* work with GCC 4.9 and
the result fails with SIGBUS with apparent bogus SSE code generation and

Fix sound theme support via libcanberra (change Linux ifdefs to !Apple
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Wed, 5 Feb 2014
[ 01:54 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:342622
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/Makefile
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/distinfo
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/files/patch-rtengine_CMakeLists.txt
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/files/
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-message
342622 graphics/rawtherapee/pkg-plist
Upgrade to RawTherapee 4.0.12 [1], and use GCC again on FreeBSD 10+ [2].

Upstream changes are described at:

[2] brings back OpenMP support and fully optimized sources, but it does
require GCC 4.8 to avoid internal compiler errors in older GCC releases,
and adds a build dependency on the libc++ port to bring in the required
compile-time namespace transformations to have Rawtherapee use libc++
(as the other C++-based requisite ports do).

Thanks to:	Baptiste Daroussin (bapt@) for help with [2]
PR:		ports/186240 [1]
Submitted by:	Christoph Moench-Tegeder [1]

Number of commits found XX: 9

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