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non port: graphics/wayland/files/

Number of commits found: 4

Monday, 24 Feb 2020
20:01 jbeich search for other commits by this committer
graphics/wayland: convert to USES=meson

- Drop autotools patches
- Drop sys/param.h check as __FreeBSD__ is defined by compiler
- Apply upstream fix for tests randomly failing to build

PR:		244071
Tested by:	mikael (13.0 powerpc64), pkubaj (12.1/13.0 powerpc64)
Approved by:	x11 (manu, zeising)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:527044 
Friday, 14 Feb 2020
11:09 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Update to 1.18

Abi is backward compatible:
Port changes:
- Allow memfd_create on FreeBSD 13 for sealing
- Drop ms_timeout workaround in favor of upstream fix[1]
- Drop posix_fallocate patch as it was disabled in r455878
- Adjust posix_fallocate comment to improve clarity
- Temporarily revert event loop update until epoll-shim#15 [2] is fixed


Build tested on:
    11.3 aarch64
    11.3 amd64
    11.3 armv6
    11.3 i386
    12.0 amd64
    12.0 i386
    12.1 aarch64
    12.1 amd64
    12.1 armv6
    12.1 armv7
    12.1 i386
    13.0 amd64
    13.0 i386
    Base GCC 4.2.1 (mimics powerpc*, mips*, riscv64)

Run tested with:
    www/firefox + MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND

PR:  244059
Submitted by: jbeich
Tested by: manu
Reviewed by: manu
Approved by: x11 (bapt)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:526103 
Monday, 15 Oct 2018
23:59 jbeich search for other commits by this committer
graphics/wayland: update to 1.16.0

- New libwayland-egl home for consumers as Mesa 18.2 dropped it

PR:		227423
Submitted by:	Greg V <>
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (5 months)
Original commitRevision:482189 
Saturday, 9 Dec 2017
22:02 zeising search for other commits by this committer
Update wayland to 1.14.0

Disable posix_fallocate since ZFS does not support it.
Use epoll-shim instead of kqueue directly, from myfreeweb on github.

PR:		224200
Submitted by:	Johannes Lundberg
Original commitRevision:455878 

Number of commits found: 4