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Two two features were added on 2020-05-30:
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  2. Ports I maintain report - port maintainers can now subscribe to a daily report of commits to the ports they maintain. See Watch ports I maintain at Report Subscriptions. Details at issue 138
non port: japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac

Number of commits found XX: 10

Sun, 26 Oct 2008
[ 19:48 hrs ] Original commit 
1.1702 MOVED
1.70 japanese/Canna/Makefile
1.12 japanese/Canna/distinfo
1.9 japanese/Canna/files/
1.13 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.7 japanese/Canna/pkg-descr
1.3 japanese/Canna/pkg-install
1.4 japanese/Canna/pkg-message
1.28 japanese/Canna/pkg-plist
1.697 japanese/Makefile

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- Separate the server part and the library part from japanese/Canna, and
  remove japanese/Canna.
- Take maintainership.
Fri, 13 Feb 2004
[ 08:13 max ] Original commit 
1.61 japanese/Canna/Makefile
1.8 japanese/Canna/distinfo
1.12 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.24 japanese/Canna/pkg-plist
Update to 3.7p1
Thu, 6 Feb 2003
[ 08:03 max ] Original commit 
1.56 japanese/Canna/Makefile
1.6 japanese/Canna/distinfo
1.11 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.3 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ag
1.3 japanese/Canna/files/patch-al
1.6 japanese/Canna/pkg-descr
1.21 japanese/Canna/pkg-plist
Upgrade to 3.6p3.
Thu, 14 Nov 2002
[ 02:25 max ] Original commit 
1.6 japanese/Canna/files/
1.10 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.2 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ah
1.2 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ai
Cannaserver now has the -u option which allow you to specify who should
own the server process.  So instead of patching up the source to
drop the root privilege, just use this.
Suggested by:   AIDA Shinra <>
[ 00:00 max ] Original commit 
1.9 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
The LinkFileList hack, introduced in Rev 1.7.
Pointed-out by: AIDA Shinra <>
Mon, 11 Nov 2002
[ 23:53 max ] Original commit 
1.52 japanese/Canna/Makefile
1.4 japanese/Canna/distinfo
1.5 japanese/Canna/files/
1.8 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.5 japanese/Canna/files/patch-af
1.3 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ak
1.2 japanese/Canna/files/patch-bzero
1.5 japanese/Canna/pkg-descr
1.1 japanese/Canna/pkg-message
1.20 japanese/Canna/pkg-plist
Upgrade to 3.6.
Tue, 2 Apr 2002
[ 03:45 knu ] Original commit 
1.48 japanese/Canna/Makefile
1.7 japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
1.1 japanese/Canna/files/patch-bzero
- Make this compile with imake 4.2.0, in which the LinkFileList
  definition has been changed somehow.  Add a patch to override it with
  the previous definition.

  Addressed by: Marc Espie <>

- Add a patch to fix bzero()/bcopy() namespace collision. (by me)

- Change one of the master sites.

  Submitted by: Kimura Fuyuki <>

Discussed on:
On behalf of:   max (MAINTAINER)
Tue, 20 Nov 2001
[ 23:35 max ] Original commit 
unknown japanese/Canna/Makefile
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
Correct the problem which caused server/main.c to be uncompilable.   With this
fix, problems on -current should have been eliminated.   I'm bumping the
PORTREVISION to encourage the update.  (Maybe I should've   done it when I
changed the way cannaserver is run, anyway.)    
[ 03:15 max ] Original commit 
unknown japanese/Canna/Makefile
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ah
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ai
Tweaks to make it usable on -current.   Due to changes to signal handling,
invoked child process was not able to   send SIGQUIT to the parent.   So instead
of installing the binary set{[gu]id(bin), setuid(bin) after   successful
invokation.   Reported by:    Takayuki Tamura <>    
Sun, 18 Nov 2001
[ 04:48 max ] Original commit 
unknown japanese/Canna/Makefile
unknown japanese/Canna/distinfo
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-aa
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ab
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ac
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ad
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ae
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-af
unknown japanese/Canna/files/patch-ag
unknown japanese/Canna/pkg-descr

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade to 3.5b2.   This upgrade is based on submissions from several people
over years.   I have been reluctant to upgrade this port primarily because   I
was never sure about the shared lib compatibility.   Thanks to those who
submitted the patch as well as tested the new version.    

Number of commits found XX: 10

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