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non port: japanese/font-ipa/files/20-unhint-ipattfonts.conf

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Sunday, 31 May 2009
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Ports for Japanese fonts have been reorganized in the following way:

japanese/ipa-ttfonts -> japanese/font-mplus-ipa
japanese/ipa-ttfonts -> japanese/font-ipa
japanese/kochi-ttfonts -> japanese/font-kochi
japanese/mplusfonts -> japanese/font-mplus
japanese/sazanami-ttf -> japanese/font-sazanami
japanese/shinonome -> japanese/font-shinonome
japanese/umefont -> japanese/font-ume
japanese/vlgothic -> japanese/font-vlgothic

While basically these are port name changes for consistency,
installation directories are also changed:

font files -> ${PREFIX}/share/${PORTNAME}/*
symlinks -> ${PREFIX}/share/fonts/{TTF,OTF,fontname,...}/*
symlinks -> ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts/{TTF,OTF,misc,fontname,...}/*

A user-visible one is that the directory name "TrueType" is replaced
with "TTF".
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Number of commits found: 1