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non port: lang/gcc/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 16

Sat, 27 May 2017
[ 23:27 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:441883
441883 lang/gcc/Makefile
441883 lang/gcc/distinfo
441883 lang/gcc/files
441883 lang/gcc/pkg-descr
441883 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Essentially replace (or rather reinvent) the lang/gcc port, which more
or less ended up identical to lang/gcc5 now that we differentiate between
lang/gccX-devel and lang/gccX ports, by (or as) a meta-port that pulls in
the respective lang/gccX port (based on the setting of $GCC_DEFAULT) and
defines gcc, g++, and gfortran as symlinks to the respective versioned

This is the end of a long journey establishing this infrastructure
which is now similar to the one of the python ports, for example,
and makes upgrading the default as well as adjusting the default
locally a lot easier.

(PORTVERSION remains at 5.4.0 for now to avoid PORTEPOCH, but
PORTREVISION gets a bump.)

Suggested by:	tijl (a while ago)
Sat, 1 Apr 2017
[ 15:03 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:437437
437437 Mk/
437437 lang/gcc/Makefile
437437 lang/gcc/distinfo
437437 lang/gcc/files/patch-arm-support
437437 lang/gcc/files/patch-arm-unwind-cxx-support
437437 lang/gcc/files/patch-gcc_system.h
437437 lang/gcc/files/patch-libc++
437437 lang/gcc/pkg-descr
437437 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
437437 lang/gcc49/Makefile

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Update lang/gcc and hence the default version of GCC in the Ports
Collection (requested by USE_GCC=yes and various USES=compiler
invocations) from GCC 4.9.4 to GCC 5.4.

files/patch-arm-support and files/patch-gcc_system.h have become
obsolete.  New patches files/patch-arm-unwind-cxx-support and
files/patch-libc++ help support arm targets and new libc++ in base.

ONLY_FOR_ARCHS now also includes arm.

A new option GRAPHITE_DESC, off by default for now, adds support for
Graphite loop optimizations.

Finally, conflicts with other lang/gcc* ports are adjusted suitably.
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Sun, 20 Nov 2016
[ 09:15 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:426565
426565 Mk/
426565 lang/gcc/Makefile
426565 lang/gcc/distinfo
426565 lang/gcc/files/java-patch-hier
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-arm-libcpp
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-stackprotector-gcc
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-stackprotector-gcc_c-family
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-stackprotector-gcc_doc
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-stackprotector-gcc_testsuite
426565 lang/gcc/files/patch-x86-64-fix-m16

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Long awaited, finally update the default version of GCC in the Ports
Collection as well as the lang/gcc port from GCC 4.8.5 to GCC 4.9.4!

See for an extensive list of
changes and for information
on how to port to that new version (if necessary).

files/java-patch-hier required adjustments, gcc/files/patch-arm-libcpp
is not needed any longer (merged upstream), and we're also loosing the
local Stack Protector patches/backports.

PR:		196712
Tested by:	antoine (-exp runs)
Supported by:	antoine, kwm, and others
Tue, 24 Nov 2015
[ 10:19 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:402352
402352 lang/gcc/Makefile
402352 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
This being the generic GCC port, add gfortran, gcc, and g++ as links
to the versioned executable (gfortran48, gcc48, and g++48).

These standard names are going to remain in place in case of version
upgrades and constitute the default, and expected by users, names.

Suggested by:	db
Reviewed by:	db
Sat, 26 Sep 2015
[ 11:03 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:397956
397956 devel/ccache/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc46/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc47/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc48/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc49/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc5-devel/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc5/pkg-plist
397956 lang/gcc6-devel/pkg-plist
Remove deprecated @exec/@unexec from ports using ccache-update-links
Mon, 20 Oct 2014
[ 22:53 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:371305
371305 lang/gcc/Makefile
371305 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Remove all traces of @dirrm, both in pkg-plist directly and those that
are added dynamically via the Makefile.
Mon, 6 Oct 2014
[ 18:13 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:370199
370199 lang/gcc/Makefile
370199 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
370199 lang/gcc46/Makefile
370199 lang/gcc46/pkg-plist
370199 lang/gcc47/Makefile
370199 lang/gcc47/pkg-plist
370199 lang/gcc48/Makefile
370199 lang/gcc48/pkg-plist
370199 lang/gcc49/Makefile
370199 lang/gcc49/pkg-plist

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Comment out info/dir files
indexinfo is taking care of generating it at package installation time

Reported by:	peter
Wed, 10 Sep 2014
[ 19:09 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:367883
367883 Mk/
367883 lang/gcc/Makefile
367883 lang/gcc/distinfo
367883 lang/gcc/pkg-descr
367883 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Update the default version of GCC in the Ports Collection from GCC 4.7.4
to GCC 4.8.3.

This entails updating the lang/gcc port as well as changing the default
in Mk/, and it replaces the CONFLICT between the
lang/gcc and lang/gcc47 ports by lang/gcc48.

GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language and performs more
aggressive loop analysis which can be disabled via the
-fno-aggressive-loop-optimizations command-line option.

Compilation of extremely large functions has been signficantly improved,
as have interprocedural optimizations.

A new optimization level -Og has been introduced.  It addresses the need
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Tue, 29 Apr 2014
[ 23:53 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:352664
352664 lang/gcc/Makefile
352664 lang/gcc/files/
352664 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Merge updates from lang/gcc47 (and similarly lang/gcc48):

 - Add pkg-message that references the need to use -Wl,-rpath=... . [1]

 - Replace USE_BZIP2 by USES=tar:bzip2.

 - No longer install rebuild-gcj-db47 (which requires bash among others)
   and its man page.


PR:		185902 [1]
Mon, 10 Mar 2014
[ 20:41 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:347808
347808 Mk/
347808 Mk/
347808 lang/gcc/Makefile
347808 lang/gcc/distinfo
347808 lang/gcc/files/patch-unwind-ia64.h
347808 lang/gcc/pkg-descr
347808 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
347808 lang/gcc47/Makefile
Update the default version of GCC used in the Ports Collection from
GCC 4.6.4 to GCC 4.7.3.  This entails updating the lang/gcc port as
well as changing the default in Mk/

This adds powerpc64 as a supported architecture (and removes ia64,
though it can be supported by manually installing lang/gcc48).

New binaries %%GNU_HOST%%-gcc-ar47, %%GNU_HOST%%-gcc-nm47, and
%%GNU_HOST%%-gcc-ranlib47 are provided to support link-time
optimization (LTO) which scales significantly better.

And it adds support for indirect functions (IFUNCS), experimental
support for transactional memory in the compiler as well as a supporting
run-time library called libitm, a new string length optimization pass,
and support for atomic operations specifying the C++11/C11 memory model.
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Tue, 21 Jan 2014
[ 23:40 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:340674
340674 deskutils/adesklets/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/freemind/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/labyrinth/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/org-mode.el/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/teapot/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-latex/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-reminder/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-todo/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy/pkg-plist
340674 devel/apache-ant/pkg-plist

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Fix properties on pkg-plist
Sat, 7 Dec 2013
[ 10:05 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:335820
335820 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Revert revision 334627 from 2013-11-23 that worked around a problem with
the staging infrastructure and had us remove info/gcc46 ourselves. [1]

This has now been addressed in the general infrastructure and actually
causes warnings in some cases. [2]

PR:		184178 [1]
Reported by:	amdmi3 [2]
Sat, 23 Nov 2013
[ 00:24 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:334627
334627 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Work around ports infrastructure breakage introduced with staging and
remove info/gcc46 ourselves.

Reported by:	QAT, amdmi3, mandree, bf, dbn
PR:		184178
Sat, 2 Nov 2013
[ 23:20 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:332557
332557 lang/gcc/Makefile
332557 lang/gcc/distinfo
332557 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Update to GCC 4.6.4 which, among others, addresses document building
with new versions of texinfo. [1]

Adopt the new LIB_DEPENDS standard and replace USE_GMAKE by USES=gmake.

Remove an obsolete dependency on bison. [2]


PR:		183342 [1]
Reported by:	Christoph Moench-Tegeder <> [1], marino [2]
Sun, 3 Mar 2013
[ 15:22 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:313359
313359 lang/gcc/Makefile
313359 lang/gcc/distinfo
313359 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Use the new lang/gcc-ecj45 port when building the Java frontend
instead of including a pre-built version of the Eclipse Java Compiler
(ECJ) ourselves. [1]

Replace the use of DISTFILES by DISTNAME, since we are now down to
one in all cases.

Make binutils a build dependency as well (not just a run-time dependency).

PR:		175072 [1]
Mon, 26 Sep 2011
[ 00:54 gerald ] Original commit 
1.510 lang/gcc/Makefile
1.373 lang/gcc/distinfo
1.19 lang/gcc/pkg-descr
1.115 lang/gcc/pkg-plist
Welcome the new lang/gcc port!  This shall track our preferred version
of GCC (usually an upstream release).  It starts out as GCC 4.6.1 and
is thus in conflict with lang/gcc46 and will move towards later minor
versions of GCC 4.6 and then on to GCC 4.7.

lang/gcc will provide gcc46, g++46, gfortran46 etc. exactly like
lang/gcc46 with which it is interchangible.

This is also planned to be in sync with our existing USE_FORTRAN knob
so that users have the option of using this port, rarely updated, or
the corresponding lang/gcc46 which follows weekly upstream snapshots.

On the way rename %%GCC_VER%% in pkg-plist to %%GCC_VERSION%% and
make the Makefile machinery a bit more generic to minimize differences
between lang/gcc ports based on releases and those based on snapshots.

PR:             156857

Number of commits found: 16

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