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non port: lang/gcc42/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 22

Sun, 11 Dec 2011
[ 23:52 linimon ] Original commit 
1.363 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.233 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.12 lang/gcc42/pkg-descr
1.98 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Re-add lang/gcc42, which is still used in some installations via libobjc.

Hat:            portmgr
Feature safe:   yes
[ 09:06 gerald ] Original commit 
1.759 lang/Makefile
1.362 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.232 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.6 lang/gcc42/files/java-patch-hier
1.11 lang/gcc42/pkg-descr
1.97 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Remove the lang/gcc42 port (GCC 4.2) which does not have any user in
the tree any more and has been obsoleted by several newer versions of
GCC -- ones that actually build on FreeBSD 10.x out of the box and
provide better support for newer CPUs, better optimizations overall,
and more advanced language support.

GCC 4.6 aka lang/gcc or lang/gcc46 is the new default version of GCC
in ports.

The system compiler version of GCC 4.2 is still available up to and
including FreeBSD 9.x and users of USE_GCC=4.2+ will be transparently
redirected to lang/gcc if, or rather when, this changes.

PR:             163103
Feature safe:   yes
Sat, 14 Aug 2010
[ 17:30 gerald ] Original commit 
1.360 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.96 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Remove support for the Java frontend.  The purpose of this port at this
point is only to support FreeBSD 6.x systems who have an older system
compiler than FreeBSD 7 and beyond.
Wed, 30 Dec 2009
[ 23:53 glarkin ] Original commit 
1.353 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.229 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.5 lang/gcc42/files/java-patch-hier
1.1 lang/gcc42/files/patch-contrib__download_ecj
1.95 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
- Re-enabled the Java (gcj) frontend to support print/pdftk
- Added support for gcj on amd64
- Added call to contrib/download_ecj so gcj executable doesn't die with
  a "file not found" error after it's built

Submitted by:   glarkin
Approved by:    gerald (via email)
Wed, 18 Nov 2009
[ 22:08 gerald ] Original commit 
1.351 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.227 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.4 lang/gcc42/files/java-patch-hier
1.10 lang/gcc42/pkg-descr
1.94 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Remove support for the Java frontend and library where users are better
served using GCC 4.4 or later.  This makes this port a whole lot cheaper
and also allows us to remove the (somewhat bogus) check for lang/gcc295
as well as WANT_GNOME.

No longer download Objective-C related files which we don't actually use.

Set MAINTAINER unconditionally.
Sun, 1 Feb 2009
[ 14:58 gerald ] Original commit 
1.345 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.223 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.9 lang/gcc42/pkg-descr
1.93 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Set PORTNAME, COMMENT, and LATEST_LINK unconditionally as opposed to
using ?=.

Add powerpc to NOT_FOR_ARCHS. [1]

No longer include the Fortran frontend.  This version has been super-
seded by later ports, and the main purpose of lang/gcc42 is being on
par with the GCC 4.2-based system compiler recent versions of FreeBSD

Remove gcc-testsuite from DISTFILES, along with the post-build and
check targets.  This reduces disk and bandwidth consumptions for a
feature (apparently) never used.

PR:             130964 [1]
Wed, 3 Jan 2007
[ 09:12 gerald ] Original commit 
1.92 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20070102 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

On the way, make building Fortran the (unconditional) default now.
This adds new dependencies on math/libgmp4 and math/mpfr which are
always required by lang/gcc43 and later anyways, though.
Thu, 19 Oct 2006
[ 16:43 gerald ] Original commit 
1.295 lang/gcc41/Makefile
1.177 lang/gcc41/distinfo
1.287 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.176 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.3 lang/gcc42/files/java-patch-hier
1.91 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update lang/gcc42 to the 20061014 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0, which appends a
version number to libdata/pkgconfig/libgcj.pc.  Fix packaging on amd64
on the way (enabling Java actually was a noop, except for pkg-plist).

Update lang/gcc41 to the 20061013 snapshot of GCC 4.1.2.

These changes allow us to remove the CONFLICT between lang/gcc41 and
lang/gcc42 when building with Java support (the default on i386).

Approved by:    portmgr (erwin)
Sun, 17 Sep 2006
[ 18:27 gerald ] Original commit 
1.284 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.174 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.90 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060915 of GCC 4.1.2.  This fixes the namespace pollution
caused by include/ffi.h.

Enable libgcj on amd64 in addition to i386.

Remove the hack we had used to rename man pages to match the actual
names of binaries (back when GCCs configure mechanism failed to do so).
Wed, 6 Sep 2006
[ 19:32 gerald ] Original commit 
1.282 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.172 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.89 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060906 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.  This is getting pretty close
to the start of the GCC 4.2 release branch, and removes another namespace
pollution issue.
Wed, 30 Aug 2006
[ 10:29 gerald ] Original commit 
1.281 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.171 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.88 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060826 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.  Among others, this fixes
two cases where the common (file) namespace was polluted by Java-specific

Disable building libgomp on FreeBSD 4.x and early versions of FreeBSD 5.0
due to pthread-related build issues there.[1]

Reported by:    kris (pointyhat) [1]
Mon, 3 Jul 2006
[ 21:18 gerald ] Original commit 
1.272 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.163 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.87 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060701 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

bootstrap-lean is back, which means quite a bit less disk space used when
building this port.  Also, Java comes with new applications gappletviewer42,
gjarsigner42, and gkeytool42 and a new libgcj-tools-4.2.0.jar.
Sun, 18 Jun 2006
[ 06:39 gerald ] Original commit 
1.270 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.161 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.2 lang/gcc42/files/
1.86 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060617 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

Employ the new USE_LDCONFIG feature, which allows us to get rid of the
various, much more manual and error-prone hacks we needed so far.

Reviewed by:    flz (for lang/gcc40)
Sun, 11 Jun 2006
[ 15:43 gerald ] Original commit 
1.269 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.160 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.85 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060610 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.
Add zip as a build dependency of Java (libgcj). [1]

Reported by:    kris (pointyhat) [1]
Mon, 5 Jun 2006
[ 19:20 gerald ] Original commit 
1.268 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.159 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.84 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060603 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

Java support is back (on i386), and all those additional libtool
files we are currently installing as part of libgcj will be gone
with next week's snapshot.
Sun, 26 Mar 2006
[ 05:16 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.248 lang/gcc40/Makefile
1.1 lang/gcc40/files/
1.74 lang/gcc40/pkg-plist
1.254 lang/gcc41/Makefile
1.1 lang/gcc41/files/
1.80 lang/gcc41/pkg-plist
1.252 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.1 lang/gcc42/files/
1.83 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
- add RC_D_SH to keep shared libs working after reboot
Wed, 15 Mar 2006
[ 22:42 gerald ] Original commit 
1.250 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.148 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.82 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060311 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

The spamming of $PREFIX/include/ssp is now finally gone after my reports
upstream, which allows us to restrict the conflict with gcc-4.1.* to the
case where we build Java.

Convert the build-time dependency on math/mpfr to a full one, since the
Fortran frontend also needs this at run time.

Always build both shared and static libraries instead of having these as
two exclusive options defaulting to the former.

Remove bogus USE_X11 (which was not used by default nor any other port).

No longer hardcode the version number in LATEST_LINK.
Tue, 21 Feb 2006
[ 21:34 gerald ] Original commit 
1.249 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.147 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.81 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060218 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

Remove USE_REINPLACE= as advised by new portlint.  Also note that at
least some of the installation hierarchy problems with libgomp have
been fixed now due to my report upstream.
Fri, 27 Jan 2006
[ 01:55 gerald ] Original commit 
1.245 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.143 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.80 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20060121 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0, which now includes libgomp.
Wed, 28 Dec 2005
[ 14:31 gerald ] Original commit 
1.241 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.139 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.79 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Update to the 20051224 snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

Improve packaging by using @dirrm include/ssp instead of speculative
removal.  Remove broken removal of the info/gcc42 directory; this has
to be handled by Mk/
Wed, 21 Dec 2005
[ 21:14 gerald ] Original commit 
1.206 lang/gcc33/Makefile
1.228 lang/gcc34/Makefile
1.239 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.78 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Install the .info files of the lang/gcc42 port in a port-specific
subdirectory, which allows us to remove the conflicts with lang/gcc33
and lang/gcc34.

Dedicated to:   obrien
Sun, 11 Dec 2005
[ 22:49 gerald ] Original commit 
1.13833 /CVSROOT/modules
1.470 lang/Makefile
1.205 lang/gcc33/Makefile
1.227 lang/gcc34/Makefile
1.238 lang/gcc41/Makefile
1.237 lang/gcc42/Makefile
1.137 lang/gcc42/distinfo
1.77 lang/gcc42/pkg-plist
Complete the repocopy of lang/gcc41 to lang/gcc42 and update to the 20051210
snapshot of GCC 4.2.0.

Change pkg-plist to avoid hardcoding any version number.

PR:             90253

Number of commits found: 22

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