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Some details on the 2023-01-16 website outage.
We just rebooted with several updates: * new HMTLify code * no port maintainer is now highly visible (e.g. * fixed search logic error when using plain/ text details at
non port: lang/guile2/files/patch-libguile_numbers.c

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Sun, 31 Dec 2017
[ 09:17 danfe search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:457674
Improve GCC version check so it won't reject versions like 5.4, 6.4,
7.2 and wrap `__clang__' with defined() to pacify -Wundef warning.
Sat, 30 Dec 2017
[ 19:12 danfe search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:457632
Unbreak the build on architectures which still use GCC 4.2.1 as system
compiler.  Guile attempts to redefine _Static_assert (in `lib/verify.h')
based on compiler support, but its overrides do not play nice with our
/usr/include/complex.h header file.

Simply do not include `lib/verify.h' in `libguile/numbers.c' to avoid
the problem.  Be conservative and conditionally inhibit including this
header only when building with older versions of GCC (before 4.6.0).

While here, move INFO knob where it logically belongs in the Makefile
and add a couple of extra linefeeds to improve readability thereof.

Tested on:	i386, powerpc, sparc64
Sat, 25 Feb 2017
[ 23:32 bofh search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:434843
lang/guile2: Update version 2.0.11=>2.0.14 [1]

- Remove upstream-ed diff[1]
- fix missing dependency on makeinfo[2]

PR:		216841[1] 214892[2]
Submitted by:	ashish[1][2]
Sun, 25 May 2014
[ 17:32 sunpoet search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:355255 (Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Add guile 2.0.11
- While I'm here:
  - Add PKGNAMESUFFIX to avoid PKGNAME collision
  - Mark CONFLICTS_INSTALL with lang/guile

GUILE, GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension,
is a library that implements the Scheme language plus various
convenient facilities. It's designed so that you can link it
into an application or utility to make it extensible.  Our
plan is to link this library into all GNU programs that call for


PR:		ports/189239
Submitted by:	Muhammad Moinur Rahman <>

Number of commits found: 4