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non port: lang/ocaml/files/patch-config-auto-aux-async_io.c

Number of commits found: 2

Wed, 29 Apr 2015
[ 20:45 marino ] Original commit   Revision:385012
385012 lang/ocaml/Makefile
385012 lang/ocaml/distinfo
385012 lang/ocaml/files/edit_pkg-plist.sed
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-Makefile
385012 lang/ocaml/files/
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-asmrun-Makefile
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-asmrun__arm.S
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-byterun-Makefile.common
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-camlp4-man_Makefile
385012 lang/ocaml/files/patch-config-auto-aux-async_io.c

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lang/ocaml: Upgrade version 4.01 => 4.02

PR:		195736
Submitted by:	Michael Gruenewald (maintainer)
Add'l fixes:	marino

Besides typical port cleanup, the dragonfly patches which had been
removed for the update were added back to the configure patch.
Wed, 26 Mar 2014
[ 17:50 marino ] Original commit   Revision:349272
349272 lang/ocaml/Makefile
349272 lang/ocaml/distinfo
349272 lang/ocaml/files/edit_pkg-plist.sed
349272 lang/ocaml/files/manfiles
349272 lang/ocaml/files/patch-Makefile
349272 lang/ocaml/files/patch-config-auto-aux-async_io.c
349272 lang/ocaml/files/patch-configure
349272 lang/ocaml/files/patch-ocamldoc_Makefile
349272 lang/ocaml/files/patch-testsuite-backtrace-Makefile
349272 lang/ocaml/pkg-plist
ocaml update 1/4: lang/ocaml upgrade from 3.12 to 4.00

There have been manual outstanding PRs on OCAML that have dragged on
for well more than a year.  In the meantime, FreeBSD has been painfully
stucking on version 3.12 of Ocaml.  Meanwhile, DragonFly's dports have
been maintaining version 4.00.

With a "Just do it" attitude, the dports version of Ocaml has been brought
in.  This doesn't have stage support, nor is the the latest version
available.  The idea is just get a working base Ocaml 4.00 in ports and
then have the maintainer update the appropriate PRs.

As a consequence, updates to omake, ocaml-findlib, and ocaml-images is
also required and upcoming.

Urged by:	portmgr (bapt)
Related PR:	ports/173364
Related PR:	ports/173453

Number of commits found: 2

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