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non port: lang/pypy-devel/files/Makefile

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Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015
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pypy-devel: update to 2.5

 * Improved warmup time.
 * Improved hitted code performance (+10% compared to v2.4).
 * Passing objects between C and PyPy has been improved.
 * Integrated numpy support gains GenericUfunc API.
 * Dictionaries are ordered by default.
 * More careful handling of errno.
Original commitRevision:378793 
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
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Update lang/pypy-devel to 2.3.

Due to reported regressions, only 2.3.1 will be merged to stable lang/pypy.

This release updates the stdlib from 2.7.3, jumping directly to 2.7.6.

This release also contains several bugfixes and performance improvements,
many generated by real users finding corner cases. CFFI has made it easier
than ever to use existing C code with both cpython and PyPy, easing the
transition for packages like cryptography, Pillow(Python Imaging Library
[Fork]), a basic port of pygame-cffi, and others.
Original commitRevision:353979 
Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013
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Update lang/pypy-devel to development snapshot at 16-Dec-'13.

 1) Fix installation with LOCALBASE!=/usr/local
 2) Properly detect the number of CPUs for concurrent builds

 1) The cffi based module needs to know where to find
    sqlite3.h, which is hard-coded into the file, however the '.so'
    created is based on the checksum of that changes
    when changing the hard-coded path.  Change this by properly
    using the LOCALBASE environment variable.

 2) This change does not modify the behaviour of the port as this
    port runs the compilation stage directly, and correctly, however
    this change will be upstreamed.
Original commitRevision:336767 
Tuesday, 10 Dec 2013
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Update lang/pypy-devel to 2.2.1.

 - Update the memory requirements, decreasing from previous version.
Original commitRevision:336049 
Saturday, 16 Nov 2013
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Update lang/pypy-devel to 2.2 (for wider testing).

 * Strip cffi libraries

Outstanding items:
 * Fix virtualenv bug (ports/183795)
 * Update memory and compiler times (Makefile, wiki)

 * Our Garbage Collector is now "incremental". It should avoid almost all
   pauses due to a major collection taking place. Previously, it would pause
   the program (rarely) to walk all live objects, which could take
   arbitrarily long if your process is using a whole lot of RAM. Now the
   same work is done in steps. This should make PyPy more responsive, e.g.
   in games. There are still other pauses, from the GC and the JIT, but
   they should be on the order of 5 milliseconds each.
 * The JIT counters for hot code were never reset, which meant that a
   process running for long enough would eventually JIT-compile more and
   more rarely executed code. Not only is it useless to compile such code,
   but as more compiled code means more memory used, this gives the
   impression of a memory leak. This has been tentatively fixed by
   decreasing the counters from time to time.
 * NumPy has been split: now PyPy only contains the core module, called
   _numpypy. The numpy module itself has been moved to and numpypy disappeared. You need to
   install NumPy separately with a virtualenv: pip install
   git+; or directly: git clone; cd numpy; pypy install.
 * non-inlined calls have less overhead
 * Things that use sys.set_trace are now JITted (like coverage)
 * JSON decoding is now very fast (JSON encoding was already very fast)
 * various buffer copying methods experience speedups (like list-of-ints to
   int[] buffer from cffi)
 * We finally wrote (hopefully) all the missing functions,
   including os.startfile() on Windows and a handful of rare ones on Posix.
 * numpy has a rudimentary C API that cooperates with cpyext
Original commitRevision:334004 
Sunday, 11 Aug 2013
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Add lang/pypy-devel for non-stable releases of PyPy.

pypy-devel is intended as a staging ground for beta releases and - while
no beta releases are available - snapshots of pypy default branch.

While introducing pypy-devel to build logic has been reworked to better
accomodate pypy3.  The lib-python/2.7 and lib_pypy folders are not renamed
after extraction (with only symbolic links used to emulate the structure).
PyPy still expects the standard structure and the symbolic links satisfy
this change.

The devel port was requested by mva@ to better support commercial clients.
Original commitRevision:324601 

Number of commits found: 6