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non port: mail/exim/pkg-install

Number of commits found: 16

Fri, 4 Jul 2014
[ 11:57 vsevolod ] Original commit   Revision:360601
360601 mail/exim-doc-info/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-ldap2/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-monitor/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-monitor/pkg-plist
360601 mail/exim-mysql/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-postgresql/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-sa-exim/Makefile
360601 mail/exim-sqlite/Makefile
360601 mail/exim/Makefile
360601 mail/exim/distinfo

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- Support stage
- Update to 4.82.1 (fixes issues with DMARC)
- Simplify plist
- Take maintainership

Reviewed by:	bapt
Wed, 7 Jan 2009
[ 07:08 krion ] Original commit 
1.15 mail/exim/pkg-install
Fix user/group creation order while installing package.

PR:             ports/130184
Submitted by:   Artis Caune <>
Sat, 4 Aug 2007
[ 11:41 gabor ] Original commit 
1.13 archivers/9e/Makefile
1.30 archivers/bzip/Makefile
1.23 archivers/dact/Makefile
1.20 archivers/dpkg/Makefile
1.5 archivers/ecm/Makefile
1.7 archivers/gzrecover/Makefile
1.9 archivers/mar/Makefile
1.8 archivers/mscompress/Makefile
1.5 archivers/mtf/Makefile
1.11 archivers/unace/Makefile

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- Remove the DESTDIR modifications from individual ports as we have a new,
  fully chrooted DESTDIR, which does not need such any more.

Sponsored by:   Google Summer of Code 2007
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Sat, 7 Jan 2006
[ 22:48 krion ] Original commit 
1.213 mail/exim/Makefile
1.13 mail/exim/pkg-install
Allow to install exim with EXIM_USER=exim EXIM_GROUP=exim instead of

PR:             ports/89832
Submitted by:   Artis Caune <>
Sat, 17 Jul 2004
[ 14:21 eik ] Original commit 
1.183 mail/exim/Makefile
1.71 mail/exim/distinfo
1.19 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.6 mail/exim/files/patch-src::daemon.c
1.1 mail/exim/files/xpatch-exiscan2
1.1 mail/exim/options
1.12 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.39 mail/exim/pkg-plist
- Update to version 4.40

- Support for WITH_SPF and WITH_SRS via libspf2/libsrs2, needs exiscan

- Note for 5.x users: the default location of the start/stop file has changed.
  Build WITH_RCORDER=yes when you depend on the old behaviour

- WITH_OPENLDAP_VER and WITH_MYSQL_VER does no longer imply the corresponding
WITH_ variable.

- experimental support for optionsng from devel/portmk
Mon, 7 Jun 2004
[ 10:53 eik ] Original commit 
1.182 mail/exim/Makefile
1.2 mail/exim/files/
1.12 mail/exim/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES
1.7 mail/exim/files/
1.18 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.11 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.38 mail/exim/pkg-plist
make LOGDIR and LOG_FILE_PATH tunable [1]
add WITH_AUTH_RADIUS support [2]

Requested by:   Lonnie Santella <> [1]
                Jan-Peter Koopmann <> [2]
Sat, 31 Jan 2004
[ 15:27 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.167 mail/exim/Makefile
1.10 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.34 mail/exim/pkg-plist
Fix creation of /var/log/exim, which I botched when making EXIM_USER
and EXIM_GROUP operator-overidable.

Submitted by:   eik
Mon, 12 Jan 2004
[ 10:56 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.164 mail/exim/Makefile
1.15 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.10 mail/exim/files/patch-src::configure.default
1.9 mail/exim/pkg-install
1) Fix build for the WITHOUT_ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX case.
2) Allow the operator to override exim user and group with EXIM_USER and
   EXIM_GROUP.  This was made possible by the introduction of runtime
   resolution of the exim_user UID and the exim_group GID, new in

Reported by:    Phil Pennock <>
Mon, 29 Sep 2003
[ 11:42 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.5 mail/exim-ldap/Makefile
1.2 mail/exim-ldap2/Makefile
1.156 mail/exim/Makefile
1.60 mail/exim/distinfo
1.11 mail/exim/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES
1.13 mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.2 mail/exim/files/patch-src::auths::pwcheck.c
1.3 mail/exim/files/wishlist-eqi.patch
1.8 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.33 mail/exim/pkg-plist
WARNING: See caution at the end of this bullet list.

* Update to exim-4.24 (bugfix release).
* Wishlist patch for "eqi" incorporated.
* Mark exim-{ldap2,mysql,postgresql,} as conflicting.
* Substitute PORTREVISION for build number so that the version string
  hints at which version of the port the binary comes from.
* Install example scripts, especially upgrade converters, now that exim-old
  has been retired.
* Enable DNSDB-style lookup support by default; it can be disabled with
* Simplify LDAP support, using various versions of OpenLDAP only.
  The old WITH_OPENLDAP[0-9][0-9] options are now invalid; use
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Wed, 10 Sep 2003
[ 13:49 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.155 mail/exim/Makefile
1.1 mail/exim/files/
1.1 mail/exim/files/
1.10 mail/exim/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES
1.2 mail/exim/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES.clamd
1.3 mail/exim/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES.exiscan-acl
1.6 mail/exim/files/
1.7 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.8 mail/exim/pkg-message
1.32 mail/exim/pkg-plist
Bring the Exim port closer to use as an install-time sendmail
replacement for FreeBSD:

* Use an rc.subr start/stop script.
* Include contributed periodic scripts.
* Replace $PREFIX with the build-time value of PREFIX.
* Generate a default configure file if it doesn't exist at install-time.
* Remove the default configure file if it hasn't been modified at
* Install additional documentation.
* Move creation and removal of /var/log/exim to pkg-plist.

Bump PORTREVISION accordingly.

This paves the way for ports/56458, which teaches sysinstall about Exim.
Bug trhodes about that PR. :-)

PR:             ports/56450
Submitted by:   Oliver Eikemeier <>
Fri, 13 Jun 2003
[ 13:20 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.139 mail/exim/Makefile
1.51 mail/exim/distinfo
1.9 mail/exim/files/patch-src::configure.default
1.7 mail/exim/pkg-descr
1.6 mail/exim/pkg-install
1.26 mail/exim/pkg-plist
1) Update exiscan-acl patch to -09:
   Improved clamd support.
   New FAQ/example documentation.

2) Enable wildlsearch lookups by default and add new
   WITHOUT_WILDLSEARCH knob for disabling them.

3) Issue a fat warning if is found in the relay_from_hosts
   hostlist of an existing configure file on upgrade.  This is important
   for IPv6 users and doesn't hurt IPv4-only users.

4) Attempt local deliveries as the owner of the mailbox (still group
   mail) and don't fail if the existing mailbox permissions are narrower
   than those with which we would have created it.  This works around
   pw(8) creating mailboxes with 0600 permission (instead of 0660).
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 12 Sep 2002
[ 10:09 sheldonh ] Original commit 
1.322 mail/Makefile
1.118 mail/exim-devel/Makefile
1.42 mail/exim-devel/distinfo
1.8 mail/exim-devel/files/POST-INSTALL-NOTES
1.5 mail/exim-devel/files/
1.3 mail/exim-devel/files/patch-OS::Makefile-FreeBSD
1.2 mail/exim-devel/files/patch-doc::spec.txt
1.7 mail/exim-devel/files/patch-scripts::exim_install
1.10 mail/exim-devel/files/patch-src::EDITME
1.9 mail/exim-devel/files/patch-src::configure.default

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I agree with the Exim community that the exim-4.xx has reached production

Move exim to exim-old for folks who need exim-3.xx, because the
configuration file for exim-4.xx is not backward compatible.  Move
exim-devel to exim, removing NO_LATEST_LINK:

        repo-copy       exim            -> exim-old
        copy over       exim-devel      -> exim
        retire          exim-devel

Slave ports are intended for use with the exim port, as before, so they
now build and install for exim-4.xx.
Tue, 18 Dec 2001
[ 21:08 sheldonh ] Original commit 
unknown mail/exim/pkg-install
Search for the mailnull user quietly (grep -q).    
Tue, 11 Dec 2001
[ 12:34 sheldonh ] Original commit 
unknown mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME
unknown mail/exim/files/patch-src::configure.default
unknown mail/exim/pkg-install
Build Exim with compile-time defaults for exim_user and exim_group.   Use the
newly added mailnull user, and the now well-established group   mail.    
Wed, 11 Jul 2001
[ 12:22 sheldonh ] Original commit 
unknown mail/exim/Makefile
unknown mail/exim/files/patch-src::configure.default
unknown mail/exim/pkg-install
unknown mail/exim/pkg-message
Too many people have complained about my choice of MTA user (sendmail).   Bite
the bullet _now_ and use MTA user exim instead.  This means that   only early
adopters of Exim-3.31 are affected, rather than lots more   folks further down
the line.    
Mon, 11 Jun 2001
[ 10:20 sheldonh ] Original commit 
unknown mail/exim/Makefile
unknown mail/exim/files/configure.default
unknown mail/exim/pkg-install
Sandbox Exim.    

Number of commits found: 16

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