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The server has been repaired, with a new power supply, for $23. I am waiting for lower COVID rates before visiting the datacenter to return it.
non port: mail/spamassassin/Makefile

Number of commits found XX: 50

Fri, 31 Jan 2020
[ 16:06 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:524723
524723 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
524723 mail/spamassassin/distinfo
mail/spamassassin: Update to 3.4.4

Update mail/spamassassin to 3.4.4.  This fixes several security

- Improvements to OLEVBMacro
- Fix for CRLF handling with SpamAssMilter & DKIM
- Small fix for a regexp to provide Perl 5.8.x compatability again
- Increased fns_extrachars default value to 50
- Fixed nosubject and maxhits tflags when sa-compile is used
- Limited the Bayes parsed token count
- Improvements to whitespace trimming

PR:		243744
Submitted by:	cy
MFH:		2020Q1
Security:	c86bfee3-4441-11ea-8be3-54e1ad3d6335
Fri, 13 Dec 2019
[ 20:03 cy ] Original commit   Revision:520065
520065 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
520065 mail/spamassassin/distinfo
520065 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
Update 3.4.2 --> 3.4.3

2019-12-11: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.3 has been released! Apache
SpamAssassin 3.4.3 contains numerous tweaks and bug fixes as we prepare
to move to version 4.0.0 with better, native UTF-8 handling. There are a
number of functional patches, improvements as well as security reasons to
upgrade to 3.4.3. In this release, there is also one new plugin and there
are bug fixes for two CVEs:

    CVE-2019-12420 for Multipart Denial of Service Vulnerability
    CVE-2018-11805 for nefarious CF files can be configured to run system
                   commands without any output or errors.

PR:		242618
Submitted by:	cy
Reported by:	cy
Approved by:	zeising (maintainer)
MFH:		2019Q4
Security:	CVE-2019-12420, CVE-2018-11805
[ 20:03 cy ] Original commit   Revision:520064
520064 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Remove comment to ensure the japanese/spamassassin verion number updated
and in sync. japanese/spamassassin was removed by r488786.

Approved by:	zeising (maintainer, implicit)
MFH:		2019Q4
Tue, 5 Feb 2019
[ 18:15 ler ] Original commit   Revision:492264
492264 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
mail/spamassassin: missing dependency on net/p5-Net-CIDR-Lite

PR:		234921
Submitted by:
Approved by:	zeising
Tue, 13 Nov 2018
[ 21:11 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:484899
484899 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
484899 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
mail/spamassassin: Revert r484326

Revert r484326, switch to gpg2, silence gpg2 memory warnings.

I have gotten multiple reports of this causing issues when upgrading or
installing.  Revert this until I can look at this in more detail.
Tue, 6 Nov 2018
[ 21:46 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:484357
484357 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Fix build in japanese/spamassassin

Fix build in japanese/spamassassin.

Pointy-hat to:	zeising
[ 20:46 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:484326
484326 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
484326 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
mail/spamassassin: switch gpg version, silence gpg

Switch to use gpg2 instead of the old and mostly deprecated gpg as the
default gpg version.

Add a gpg.conf file to silence the warning about using insecure memory with
gpg2 [1].

Bump portrevision

Submitted by:	Larry Rosenman (ler) [1]
Wed, 26 Sep 2018
[ 19:30 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:480763
480763 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
480763 mail/spamassassin/distinfo
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7199
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7208
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7231
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7265
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7404
480763 mail/spamassassin/files/
480763 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
mail/spamassassin: Update to 3.4.2

Update mail/spamassassin to 3.4.2.  This update includes security fixes.
For complete changelog and upgrade notes, see:" REL="NOFOLLOW">

Big thanks to Larry Rosenman (ler) for help with testing!

PR:		231412
Reported by:
Tested by:	ler
MFH:		2018Q3
Security:	613193a0-c1b4-11e8-ae2d-54e1ad3d6335
Wed, 27 Jun 2018
[ 13:55 mat ] Original commit   Revision:473439
473439 emulators/open-vm-tools/Makefile
473439 emulators/open-vm-tools/pkg-plist
473439 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
473439 mail/courier/Makefile
473439 mail/courier/pkg-plist
473439 mail/proxsmtp/Makefile
473439 mail/proxsmtp/pkg-plist
473439 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
473439 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
473439 mail/sqwebmail/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 44 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Do not force stop services when a package is deinstalled.

Starting or stopping services is the role of pkg(8).

Sponsored by:	Absolight
Fri, 19 Jan 2018
[ 17:04 mat ] Original commit   Revision:459451
459451 benchmarks/netperf/Makefile
459451 devel/viewvc/Makefile
459451 editors/abiword/Makefile
459451 graphics/osg-devel/Makefile
459451 graphics/osg/Makefile
459451 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
459451 net-im/ekiga/Makefile
459451 textproc/docproj/Makefile
Options are already optional.

Sponsored by:	Absolight
Wed, 11 Oct 2017
[ 19:56 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:451792
451792 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Add missing dependency on p5-IP-Country when the nondefault option
RELAY_COUNTRY is enabled [0]

While here, carbage collect the UPDATE_AND_COMPILE option from
OPTIONS_DEFUALT, this was most likely missed in r425590

Don't bump portrevision, since this dependency is nut pulled in by default.

PR:		222649 [0]
Reported by:	Max Kostikov <> [0]
Wed, 9 Aug 2017
[ 19:30 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:447641
447641 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
447641 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
447641 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7404
Fix runtime on recent perl versions and change default options

Add a patch from upstream to fix runtime when using perl 5.26 or later. [0]
Change default options to include DKIM and SPF checking.
Bump portrevision.

PR:		220474 (based on) [0]
Reported by: [0]
Thu, 25 May 2017
[ 09:56 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:441670
441670 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Sat, 1 Apr 2017
[ 17:42 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:437451
437451 mail/spamassassin/Makefile

PR:		217955
Submitted by:
MFH:		2017Q2
Tue, 28 Mar 2017
[ 18:10 robak ] Original commit   Revision:437147
437147 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
437147 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
mail/spamassassin japanese/spamassassin: add missing run dependencies

PR:		217487
Submitted by:	Igor Roshchin <>
MFH:		2017Q1
Tue, 10 Jan 2017
[ 00:09 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:431043
431043 devel/p5-ReadonlyX/Makefile
431043 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
431043 mail/squirrelmail-decode/Makefile
431043 mail/squirrelmail-translations/Makefile
431043 mail/squirrelmail/Makefile
431043 shells/bash-completion/Makefile
431043 sysutils/rainbarf/Makefile
431043 www/awstats/Makefile
Drop maintainership from a handful of ports that I no longer use.
Mon, 14 Nov 2016
[ 03:15 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:426080
426080 databases/pgpool-II-33/Makefile
426080 databases/pgpool-II/Makefile
426080 deskutils/egroupware/Makefile
426080 irc/ircd-ratbox/Makefile
426080 lang/php56-extensions/Makefile
426080 lang/php56/Makefile
426080 lang/php70-extensions/Makefile
426080 lang/php70/Makefile
426080 mail/assp/Makefile
426080 mail/imap-uw/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 23 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Remove redundant definitions of IPV6_DESC and [OPEN]SSL_DESC when closely
  matching standard ones from `Mk/'
- Rename couple of options to standard name or the one that better reflects
  their usage
Mon, 7 Nov 2016
[ 00:59 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:425590
425590 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
425590 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-sa-update.raw
425590 mail/spamassassin/files/
425590 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
Follow up to r425497. sa-update isn't the problem, it's sa-update in
the plist. Remove the UPDATE_ON_INSTALL option entirely, and just add
a blurb to the pkg-message instructing people to run sa-update and
sa-compile manually.

Thanks to Matthew Fuller for prodding a better solution.
Sun, 6 Nov 2016
[ 15:38 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:425497
425497 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
425497 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-sa-update.raw
425497 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
For quite a while now, the only update server for SpamAssassin hasn't
had a valid DNS entry. People have asked about it on the mailing list
as far back as August, but literally nobody has replied to any of those
posts, and no commits or wiki updates have been made regarding this,
making it reasonably appear that nobody on the SpamAssassin team has
noticed or cares that SpamAssassin no longer updates.

For now, just add a patch that turns sa-update(1) into a no-op.

While here, add a couple simple Makefile tweaks and bump PORTREVISION.
Tue, 2 Aug 2016
[ 16:17 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:419484
419484 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
419484 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Remove hard dependency on p5-IO-Socket-IP and bump PORTREVISION.
Mon, 4 Apr 2016
[ 17:05 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:412519
412519 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
412519 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
412519 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7199
Disable SSLv3 and enable TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.

This is a patch make by Debian's own Noah Meyerhans that disables SSLv3,
fixes or removes the tests that choke without SSLv3, and lets
IO::Socket::SSL choose the best TLS level rather than forcing it at

I can't think of a responsible reason to allow re-enabling it as an
OPTION, so add a note to UPDATING warning people of the change and
referencing the below PR.


PR:		208225
Submitted by:	Sascha Holzleiter
Obtained from:
MFH:		2016Q2
Fri, 1 Apr 2016
[ 14:16 mat ] Original commit   Revision:412348
412348 mail/addresses-goodies/Makefile
412348 mail/alpine/Makefile
412348 mail/anubis/Makefile
412348 mail/archiveopteryx-devel/Makefile
412348 mail/archiveopteryx/Makefile
412348 mail/assp/Makefile
412348 mail/automx/Makefile
412348 mail/avenger/Makefile
412348 mail/balsa/Makefile
412348 mail/batv-milter/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2612 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories m, n, o, and p.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Mon, 23 Nov 2015
[ 17:00 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:402285
402285 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
402285 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
402285 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7265
Add two patches from upstream bug #7265, which fixes incompatibilities with
Net::DNS 1.03. The FreeBSD p5-Net-DNS port has been downgraded to 1.02 but
Net::DNS will be re-issued at some point soon. The changes in these patches
seem to work well with Net::DNS 1.02.

While here, add some TEST_DEPENDS so I can run the plugin-based tests as well.

Bump PORTREVISION for spamassassin and japanese/spamassassin.

PR:		204682
Submitted by:
Obtained from:
Sat, 3 Oct 2015
[ 18:21 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:398551
398551 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
398551 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7208
398551 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
Add upstream r1684653 from bug #7208, which fixes warnings stemming from
calling each/keys on a hashref.

While here, convert @unexec stuff into preunexec and postunexec.
Submitted by:	Larry Rosenman
Obtained from:
Sat, 15 Aug 2015
[ 16:25 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:394329
394329 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
394329 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7231
Add a patch for SpamAssassin bug #7231 that resolves an incompatibility
with the output of the new Net::DNS version.

for more information.

PR:		202281
Submitted by:	Mark Martinec, author of the upstream patch
Tue, 21 Jul 2015
[ 12:56 pi ] Original commit   Revision:392630
392630 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
392630 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
392630 mail/spamassassin/files/
mail/spamassassin, japanese/spamassassin: fix bug with dns/p5-Net-DNS change

Now that a port dns/p5-Net-DNS has been upgraded to version 1.01,
this revealed an incompatibility with DNS resolving in SpamAssassin.

In short: Net::DNS::Packet->new no longer sets the RD (recursion
desired) bit in new packets, so essentially DNS queries no longer
work. Details at:

To bridge the time until SpamAssassin 3.4.2 gets released,
the attached patch is needed ( equivalent to ).

For earlier version of dns/p5-Net-DNS this patch is redundant,
but does no harm.

PR:		201741
Submitted by:
Thu, 14 May 2015
[ 10:15 mat ] Original commit   Revision:386312
386312 Mk/
386312 accessibility/py-atspi/Makefile
386312 accessibility/py3-atspi/Makefile
386312 archivers/dpkg/Makefile
386312 archivers/fastjar/Makefile
386312 archivers/gcpio/Makefile
386312 archivers/lbrate/Makefile
386312 archivers/lha-ac/Makefile
386312 archivers/macutils/Makefile
386312 archivers/mscompress/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1814 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)

- Replace ${MASTER_SITE_FOO} with FOO.
- Merge MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR into MASTER_SITES when possible. (This means 99.9%
  of the time.)
- Remove occurrences of MASTER_SITE_LOCAL when no subdirectory was present and
  no hint of what it should be was present.
- Fix some logic.
- And generally, make things more simple and easy to understand.

While there, add magic values to the FESTIVAL, GENTOO, GIMP, GNUPG, QT and
SAMBA macros.

Also, replace some EXTRACT_SUFX occurences with USES=tar:*.

Checked by:	make fetch-urlall-list
With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Thu, 30 Apr 2015
[ 02:58 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:385022
385022 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
385022 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
Correct botched group name in plist. PORTREVISION bump for plist change.

Submitted by:	Terry Kennedy
Wed, 29 Apr 2015
[ 18:46 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:385003
385003 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
385003 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
385003 mail/spamassassin/distinfo
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/3.4.0-RELEASE-NOTES.txt
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-UPGRADE
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7018
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7057
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7065
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7107
385003 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-sa-learn.raw

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update spamassassin to 3.4.1.

  * improved automation to help combat spammers that are abusing new top level
  * tweaks to the SPF support to block more spoofed emails;
  * increased character set normalization to make rules easier to develop and
    stop spammers from using alternate character sets to bypass tests;
  * continued refinement to the native IPv6 support; and
  * improved Bayesian classification with better debugging and attachment

Full ChangeLog at

The japanese/spamassassin port is broken until it's updated for 3.4.1.
Fri, 13 Mar 2015
[ 17:52 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:381227
381227 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Allow depending on gpg2 instead of gpg1.

Inspired by:
PR:		197837
Submitted by:
Tue, 6 Jan 2015
[ 01:05 marino ] Original commit   Revision:376379
376379 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
376379 mail/spamassassin/files/
mail/spamassassin: Revert command_interpreter fix for now

There is a report that defining command_interpreter actually causes
problem for spamd, athought it should not.  While the reason is being
investigated, the previous change has been reverted per maintainer's

PR	196517
Mon, 5 Jan 2015
[ 12:35 marino ] Original commit   Revision:376295
376295 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
376295 mail/spamassassin/files/
mail/spamassassin: Add perl command_interpret to rc script

spamd is a perl script, so defining command_interpreter is required
for proper rc.d functioning.
Sun, 30 Nov 2014
[ 21:26 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:373689
373689 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
373689 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
373689 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7107
373689 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
Add a patch from SA bug #7107, to quiet warnings due to bad usage of $^V
that show up during sa-learn, sa-compile, etc.

Note that other warnings can still show up, ex.:
zoom: rule __FOR_SALE_PRC_100K will loop on SpamAssassin older than 3.3.2
running under Perl 5.12 or older, Bug 6558

While here, go with the @dir new world order. SA is not poudriere clean at this
/var/spool/spamd is the homedir of user spamd, so I am pretty sure it shouldn't
listed with @dir. QA sees this as a leftover dir.

PR:		195524
Submitted by:	Bernard Spil
Wed, 26 Nov 2014
[ 13:08 mat ] Original commit   Revision:373448
373448 CHANGES
373448 Mk/Uses/
373448 Mk/
373448 Mk/
373448 archivers/dpkg/Makefile
373448 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Lite/Makefile
373448 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Lite/pkg-plist
373448 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Plugin-Rar/Makefile
373448 archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Plugin-Rar/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 10077 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Change the way Perl modules are installed, update the default Perl to 5.18.

Before, we had:

  site_perl :           lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18
  site_perl/perl_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18/mach
  perl_man3 :           lib/perl5/5.18/man/man3

Now we have:

  site_perl : lib/perl5/site_perl
  site_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/mach/5.18
  perl_man3 : lib/perl5/site_perl/man/man3

Modules without any .so will be installed at the same place regardless of the
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 11 Sep 2014
[ 13:34 mat ] Original commit   Revision:367931
367931 mail/Makefile
367931 mail/dcc-dccd
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/Makefile
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/distinfo
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/patch-configure
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/
367931 mail/dcc-dccd/files/

(Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add back mail/dcc-dccd
- Update to 1.3.155.
- Stage.
- Build as a user.
- Add the option back to spamassassin.

Sponsored by:	Absolight
Sun, 7 Sep 2014
[ 08:38 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:367498
367498 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Remove optional dependency on unstaged mail/dcc-dccd
Sun, 10 Aug 2014
[ 14:47 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:364547
364547 mail/dovecot2/Makefile
364547 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
364547 mail/squirrelmail/Makefile
Add CPE data to my ports.
Sun, 13 Jul 2014
[ 17:55 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:361699
361699 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
361699 mail/spamassassin/files/
Create /var/run/spamd manually in the rc(8) script, as pkg_tools does
not create the directory from the @dirrm /var/run/spamd in the plist.

So, we'll do it manually for the next 6 weeks.

PR:		190005
Submitted by:
Sun, 6 Jul 2014
[ 12:45 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:360891
360891 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
360891 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
360891 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7065
Add a patch to fix the DBM bayes store, which failed due to a tainted
variable in a debug message.

Submitted by:	Herbert J. Skuhra
Fri, 4 Jul 2014
[ 21:03 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:360661
360661 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Improve OPTIONS descriptions, based on eadler's recent modifications
Tue, 1 Jul 2014
[ 21:04 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:360092
360092 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
Don't activate code that requires pre-compiled rules if the
UPDATE_AND_COMPILE option is off. It can still be activated
later for people who do it themselves.

Submitted by:	Herbert J. Skuhra
Fri, 20 Jun 2014
[ 18:28 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:358624
358624 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
358624 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
358624 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7057
358624 mail/spamassassin/files/
* Add a patch from SA bug 7057 to fix compatibility with Net::DNS >= 0.76 [1]
* Verify that /var/run/spamd exists before starting [2]
* While here, reformat Makefile

PR:	ports/191101 [1], ports/189912 [1], ports/190005 [2]
Submitted by:	Daniel Austin <> and pi [1a], [1b], [2]
Thu, 1 May 2014
[ 17:01 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:352762
352762 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
352762 japanese/spamassassin/files/spamassassin-ja.plist
352762 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
352762 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist

Let pkg-create handle ownership/mode better. Use @dirrmtry instead of
@unexec rmdir. Use COPYTREE_SHARE to ensure proper permissions.

Also, stop the spamd service on deinstall if it's running. It creates
zombie issues otherwise... I'm pretty sure this is the right thing to
Wed, 2 Apr 2014
[ 19:46 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:349952
349952 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
349952 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
349952 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-bug7018
Add a patch fix bug #7018, a typo that caused the Razor
plugin to error out.

Thanks to DutchDaemon for the legwork here.
Tue, 1 Apr 2014
[ 14:06 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:349854
349854 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
349854 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
349854 mail/spamassassin/files/
Partially revert r348415. There are many good scenarios where
preventing user-config file creation is a good thing. Recommend
one of those scenarios in the rc.d description.

PR:		ports/187659
Submitted by:	Lawrence "The Dreamer" Chen <>
Sun, 16 Mar 2014
[ 16:46 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:348419
348419 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
348419 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
348419 mail/spamassassin/files/
Fix order of spamd args.

Noticed by:	ume
[ 16:05 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:348416
348416 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
348416 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
sa-update no longer requires p5-libwww, but it does
still require HTTP::Date.
[ 15:18 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:348415
348415 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
348415 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
348415 mail/spamassassin/files/
348415 mail/spamassassin/files/
-  Switch to recommended dependencies
  - Drop p5-libwww, as SA will use fetch(1)
  - Use p5-IO-Socket-IP unconditionally
    - Drop p5-IO-Socket-INET6
    - Remove the IPV6 option
  - Use p5-Geo-IP instead of p5-IP-Country
  - Remove unnecessary p5-Mail-Tools dependency
  plugins now default to off.
- Make instructions clearer in pkg-message and rc.d script
[ 14:24 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:348410
348410 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
348410 mail/spamassassin/Makefile
348410 mail/spamassassin/files/3.4.0-RELEASE-NOTES.txt
348410 mail/spamassassin/files/patch-UPGRADE
348410 mail/spamassassin/pkg-plist
The release notes for 3.4.0 were never included in the tarball from
upstream. We include the missing commit, and also the release notes
themselves for good measure.

PR:		ports/187632
Submitted by:	Spil <>

Also, as long as we're here, pet portlint a little bit (though it
still complains loudly about other things).
Tue, 11 Mar 2014
[ 21:49 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:347936
347936 MOVED
347936 japanese/Makefile
347936 japanese/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin
347936 japanese/spamassassin
347936 japanese/spamassassin/Makefile
347936 mail/Makefile
347936 mail/claws-mail-spamassassin/Makefile
347936 mail/evolution/Makefile
347936 mail/exim/Makefile
347936 mail/isbg/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 30 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Move {mail,japanese}/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin to &/spamassassin, in the name of
improving accessibility.

I think people who want to just find the port/package and install it are
more likely to look for "spamassassin the program" than "spamassassin the
perl module collection."

Number of commits found XX: 50

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