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non port: mail/squirrelmail-mark_read-plugin/files/

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Tuesday, 13 Aug 2019
22:29 mat search for other commits by this committer
onvert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories l-m)
Original commitRevision:508882 
Sunday, 8 Dec 2013
18:59 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Create a generic PKGMESSAGE, and use it where appropriate.

Make sure that is included before

For ports with maintainers, I haven't switched you to the new
PKGMESSAGE, but I have corrected paths in where
necessary. I also got a little over-zealous in cleaning redundant
definitions from the headers. Apologies in advance if this rubs
you the wrong way.
Original commitRevision:335921 
Sunday, 17 Feb 2008
17:39 itetcu search for other commits by this committer
This plugin allows the user to turn on the display of "(read/unread)" links to
the right of any folders in their folder list that contain at least one
message. Clicking on the link will then mark all messages in this folder as
read/unread. Note that you may turn the "read/unread" link on and off by going
to the Folders page. You may even turn only the "read" or the "unread" link on
or off. It also displays a "mark all read/unread" link below the folder list to
 mark all folders read/unread that are selected on the Folders page.

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Number of commits found: 3