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non port: mail/thunderbird/files/extra-bug780531

Number of commits found: 5

Saturday, 14 Dec 2013
13:42 flo search for other commits by this committer
Update to nspr 4.10.2
Update to nss
Update firefox-esr and thunderbird to 24.2.0
Update firefox to 26.0
Update seamonkey to 2.23

- catch up with directory renames since USES=webplugins was introduced;
  fixes plugins not being automatically enabled after install
- linux-firefox and linux-seamonkey can play HTML5 audio [2][3] and
  measure about:memory usage, again
- dom.ipc.plugins.enabled->true no longer crash linux-firefox which makes
  some flash sites work again; as there's no nspluginwrapper in-between
  the infamous "youtube issue" never occurs
- install DEBUG with symbols [3] and describe the option better [4]
- enable dumping about:memory upon kill -65, kill -66 and GC/CC log
  upon kill -67 to a file under /tmp directory; linux-firefox uses
  kill -34, kill -35 and kill -36 respectively

PR:		ports/183861 [1]
PR:		ports/184006 [2]
PR:		ports/169896 [3]
PR:		ports/184285 [3]
PR:		ports/184286 [4]
Security:	dd116b19-64b3-11e3-868f-0025905a4771
In collaboration with: Jan Beich <>
Original commitRevision:336446 
Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013
22:40 flo search for other commits by this committer
- update firefox, thunderbird and libxul to 24.0
- update seamonkey to 2.21
- update firefox-esr to 17.0.9
- enable GSTREAMER by default for html5 with h264/aac/mp3
- WEBRTC is now always built
- add PROFILE and TESTS options

Security:		7dfed67b-20aa-11e3-b8d8-0025905a4771
In collaboration with:	Jan Beich <>
Original commitRevision:327587 
Tuesday, 20 Nov 2012
23:01 flo search for other commits by this committer
- Update firefox and thunderbird to 17.0
- Update seamonkey to 2.14
- Update ESR ports and libxul to 10.0.11
- support more h264 codecs when using GSTREAMER with YouTube
- Unbreak firefox-esr, thunderbird-esr and libxul on head >= 1000024 [1]
- Buildsystem is not python 3 aware, use python up to 2.7 [2]

PR:		ports/173679 [1]
Submitted by:	swills [1], demon [2]
In collaboration with:	Jan Beich <>
Security:	d23119df-335d-11e2-b64c-c8600054b392
Approved by:	portmgr (beat)
Feature safe:	yes
Original commitRevision:307606 
Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012
21:13 flo search for other commits by this committer
- Update firefox-esr, thunderbird-esr, linux-firefox and linux-thunderbird to
- Update firefox and thunderbird to 16.0
- Update seamonkey to 2.13
- Update all -i18n ports respectively
- switch firefox 16.0 and seamonkey 2.13 to ALSA by default for better
  latency during pause and seeking with HTML5 video
- remove fedisableexcept() hacks, obsolete since FreeBSD 4.0
- support system hunspell dictionaries [1]
- unbreak -esr ports with clang3.2 [2]
- unbreak nss build when CC contains full path [3]
- remove GNOME option grouping [4]
- integrate enigmail into thunderbird/seamonkey as an option [5]
- remove mail/enigmail* [6]
- enable ENIGMAIL, LIGHTNING and GIO options by default
- add more reporters in about:memory: page-faults-hard, page-faults-soft,
  resident, vsize
- use bundled jemalloc 3.0.0 on FreeBSD < 10.0 for gecko 16.0,
  only heap-allocated reporter works in about:memory (see bug 762445)
- use lrintf() instead of slow C cast in bundled libopus
- use libjpeg-turbo's faster color conversion if available during build
- record startup time for telemetry
- use -z origin instead of hardcoding path to gecko runtime
- fail early if incompatible libxul version is installed (in USE_GECKO)
- *miscellaneous cleanups and fixups*

PR:		ports/171534 [1]
PR:		ports/171566 [2]
PR:		ports/172164 [3]
PR:		ports/172201 [4]
Discussed with:	ale, beat, Jan Beich [5]
Approved by:	ale [6]
In collaboration with:	Jan Beich <>
Security:	6e5a9afd-12d3-11e2-b47d-c8600054b392
Feature safe:	yes
Approved by:	portmgr (beat)
Original commitRevision:305684 
Thursday, 30 Aug 2012
14:54 flo search for other commits by this committer
- update firefox and thunderbird to 15.0
- update firefox-esr, thunderbird-esr, linux-thunderbird and linux-firefox to
- update seamonkey and linux-seamonkey to 2.12
- update nss to 3.13.6
- update bsdipc code (posix_spawn, SysV shared memory)
- rename patches to easily track those not (yet) submitted upstream
- reduce package size, except for www/libxul[1]
- restore default objdir to what it was in 13.0
- fix mail/enigmail after thunderbird build changes
- don't accidentally pick up headers from installed ports[3]
- add support for PREFIX != LOCALBASE to Makefile.webplugins [4]
- document vulnerabilities in vuln.xml
- *miscellaneous cleanups and fixups*

Obtained from:	OpenBSD ports[1]
PR:		ports/159831, ports/160933, ports/170467[3], ports/170236 [4]
Submitted by:	avilla [4]
In collaboration with:	Jan Beich <> Who did most of the hard
Original commitRevision:303378 

Number of commits found: 5