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non port: mail/vpopmail/files/

Number of commits found XX: 13

Tue, 14 Feb 2017
[ 17:04 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:434127
434127 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
434127 mail/vpopmail/files/
434127 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-cdb-Makefile
Don't patch away upstream -fPIC so dependent ports can link libvpopmail.a
into shared libraries.
Fri, 11 Apr 2014
[ 00:51 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:350866
350866 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
350866 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
350866 mail/vpopmail/files/
350866 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vpopmail.c
350866 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vusagec.conf
- Update to 5.4.33
- Move auth options into its own single group
- Clarify PASSWD and VALIAS options

Changes: (* was already applied in our 5.4.32)
    Matt Brookings
  * - Defaulted to Server::Disable=True in vusagec.conf
  * - Fixed bug that didn't install vusagec.conf
    - Changed relevant quota code to use storage_t 64bit type
    - Fixed bug where backfill code wouldn't compile when FILE_LOCKING was
    - Updated MySQL module to support larger quota sizes
    - Fixed typo
    - Added disable_maildrop flag to MySQL limits feature
    - More changes to allow for larger quota sizes in MySQL module
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Mon, 13 Sep 2010
[ 09:57 roam ] Original commit 
1.84 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.33 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.6 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.11 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-client.c
1.9 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.18 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-configure
1.5 mail/vpopmail/files/sql-remove-deleted.patch
Update to vpopmail-5.4.32 and declare a GPL-2+ license.
Tue, 9 Feb 2010
[ 13:19 roam ] Original commit 
1.81 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.10 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vusagec.conf
1.19 mail/vpopmail/pkg-plist
Another attempt at fixing the vpopmail-5.4.30 local delivery problem:
fix the upstream Makefile's logic and actually install vusage.conf, while
disabling the vusagec/vusaged check since we don't even install vusaged
on FreeBSD.

Pointed out by: garga
PR:             141251 (hopefully for real this time!)
Tue, 5 Jan 2010
[ 10:27 roam ] Original commit 
1.79 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.32 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.5 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.9 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.8 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.17 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-configure
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-storage.h
1.14 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vdelivermail.c
1.4 mail/vpopmail/files/sql-remove-deleted.patch
Update to vpopmail-5.4.30 which should fix the segfaults that some
users have been experiencing with 5.4.28.
Thu, 26 Nov 2009
[ 19:02 roam ] Original commit 
1.77 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.31 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.4 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.8 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.onchange
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vdelivermail
1.4 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vpopmaild
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-authvchkpw.c
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-backfill.c
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-cdb-Makefile

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Update to vpopmail-5.4.28.
From the PR - fix the creation of new domains through LDAP.

PR:             131274
Submitted by:   Suzuki <>
Mon, 16 Mar 2009
[ 13:51 roam ] Original commit 
1.74 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.30 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.7 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.onchange
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vdelivermail
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vpopmaild
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-authvchkpw.c
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-backfill.c
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-cdb-Makefile

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Update to vpopmail-5.4.27.
Internally, use quilt for patch management.
Add two Makefile knobs for the locations of the Courier IMAP server's
imaplogin and imapd binaries, just in case anyone would want to test
the new authvchkpw utility :)
Tue, 9 Oct 2007
[ 13:27 roam ] Original commit 
1.69 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.28 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.6 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.onchange
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vdelivermail
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vpopmaild
1.4 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.13 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-configure
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vchangepw.c

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Update vpopmail to 5.4.20 after a long delay, mostly due to wondering
how to handle the database upgrade and the SpamAssassin patch partial

There are several important changes that may affect your vpopmail
installation and may need you to handle manually:

  The WITH_MYSQL_{USER,PASSWD,SERVER,DB} variables should NOT be defined
  when you build the port; place that information in the vpopmail.mysql
  file after vpopmail has been installed!
- the default domain is also no longer defined at compile time - you need
  to place it in the defaultdomain file after the installation.
- the defaultdomain and vpopmail.mysql files are no longer blindly removed
  on deinstallation, they are only removed if they have not been modified
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Thu, 5 Oct 2006
[ 11:49 roam ] Original commit 
1.67 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.27 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.5 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-README.vpopmaild
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vchangepw.c
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vchkpw.c
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vdeldomain.c
1.7 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vdelivermail.c
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vmysql.c

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Update to vpopmail-5.4.17.  In the process:
- add a new knob, WITH_SQL_REMOVE_DELETED, for explicitly activating
  the new code for removing entries from the SQL log file when a user or
  domain is deleted;
- add real NOPORTDOCS support and install the README.* files in addition
  to the doc_html/ and man_html/ directories if NOPORTDOCS is not set;
- fix a couple of spelling and grammar errors in the new README.vpopmaild;
- add several sanity checks;
- remove the last traces of the ActiveDirectory backend;
- various other minor changes.
Fri, 16 Jun 2006
[ 13:00 roam ] Original commit 
1.63 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.26 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.4 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-cdb-Makefile
1.5 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vdelivermail.c
Update to the last stable release, 5.4.13.  In the process:
- temporarily disable the SpamAssassin patch, since vdelivermail was
  reorganized a bit;
- fix a couple of potential buffer bound problems;
- remove the unconditional -fPIC; we handle this ourselves for amd64.
Fri, 28 Nov 2003
[ 07:54 roam ] Original commit 
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/
Looks like I seriously botched the last commit; somehow four lines from
the original got duplicated in the 'patched' one, leading
to a malformed sh(1) construct that would inevitably break the installation.
Thanks to Ronald Sebastian and Alex Dupre for pointing this out.

Noticed by:     Ronald Sebastian <> and
                Alex Dupre <>, among others

While I'm here, remove the autoconf part of the patch, which
actually duplicates what I've been doing in the port's Makefile for
some time now :)
Thu, 27 Nov 2003
[ 21:59 roam ] Original commit 
1.39 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.19 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.2 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.9 mail/vpopmail/pkg-plist
Update to vpopmail-5.3.30, fixing a critical update_rules bug.
Revamp a bit the creation of the MySQL credentials file.

PR:             59605
Submitted by:   Alex Dupre <> (mostly)
Approved by:    portmgr (will)
Wed, 10 Sep 2003
[ 09:41 roam ] Original commit 
1.33 mail/vpopmail/Makefile
1.16 mail/vpopmail/distinfo
1.1 mail/vpopmail/files/
1.5 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-configure
1.3 mail/vpopmail/files/patch-vlimits.c
1.8 mail/vpopmail/pkg-plist
Update to 5.3.27, USE_MYSQL, de-quote COMMENT, update the knobs info,
and other assorted fixes, mostly from Alex's PR.

PR:             56462
Submitted by:   Alex Dupre <>
Ob-woohoo:      run-time configuration of default-domain and MySQL info;
                at last it is possible to build a single package for
                deploying on multiple servers!

Number of commits found XX: 13

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