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Things are slow!

Some of the pages ont the website are slow. I know diskio is way up. I don't know what it is but it's been going on for about three weeks. It might have been a change to the zpool recordsize on the PostgreSQL database dataset.

One way to know: copy the dataset to another dataset with the original recordsize and use that. I hope can get to that later this week.

I have not tackled the issue yet because I've been concentrating on the BSDCan and PGCon calls for papers.

non port: math/rpcalc/Makefile

Number of commits found: 20

Wed, 16 Jan 2019
[ 11:13 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:490472
490472 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
490472 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
490472 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
490472 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile
490472 accessibility/qt5-speech/Makefile
490472 archivers/ark/Makefile
490472 archivers/kf5-karchive/Makefile
490472 archivers/peazip/Makefile
490472 archivers/quazip/Makefile
490472 astro/gpsbabel/Makefile

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Fix Qt5 symbol version scripts to put the catch-all clause first.  When
a symbol matches multiple clauses the last one takes precedence.  If the
catch-all is last it captures everything.  In the case of Qt5 libraries
this caused all symbols to have a Qt_5 label while some should have
Qt_5_PRIVATE_API.  This only affects lld because GNU ld always gives the
catch-all lowest priority.

Older versions of Qt5Webengine exported some memory allocation symbols from
the bundled Chromium.  Version 5.9 stopped exporting these [1] but the
symbols were kept as weak wrappers for the standard allocation functions to
maintain binary compatibility. [2][3]  The problem is that the call to the
standard function in these weak wrappers is only resolved to the standard
function if there's a call to this standard function in other parts of
Qt5Webengine, because only then is there a non-weak symbol that takes
precedence over the weak one.  If there's no such non-weak symbol the call
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Thu, 22 Nov 2018
[ 20:18 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:485614
485614 Mk/Uses/
485614 audio/cadence/Makefile
485614 audio/carla/Makefile
485614 audio/picard/Makefile
485614 audio/puddletag/Makefile
485614 cad/py-pyfda/Makefile
485614 comms/gnuradio/Makefile
485614 comms/py-qt5-serialport/Makefile
485614 comms/py-qt5-serialport/pkg-plist
485614 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile

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pyqt: Change install directories for Python flavor support

* PyQt could not be installed for multiple Python versions at
  the same time, as there were conflicting files.

  This patch creates Python-version versioned directories for
  all these, and further installs binaries with a version number.

* Note, there might be some hickups for software that depends on
  on of the .so's provided by PyQt5, which might not be found
  anymore autmotically, and maybe need some LD-flaggery.

* Update PyQt5 to 5.10.1

* Mark www/py-qt5-webengine broken. It is unforuntately no longer
  compatible with the old qt5-webengine-5.9.4 we ship.

PR:		232745
Exp-run by:	antoine
Differential Revision:
Thu, 26 Jul 2018
[ 14:47 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:475379
475379 math/rpcalc/Makefile
475379 math/rpcalc/distinfo
475379 math/rpcalc/pkg-plist
Update to 0.8.2
Remove DESKTOP_ENTRIES; desktop file is included with the source now
Fri, 16 Feb 2018
[ 15:12 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:462021
462021 math/rpcalc/Makefile
462021 math/rpcalc/distinfo
Update to 0.8.1
Now uses PyQt 5.x
Thu, 30 Nov 2017
[ 15:50 mat ] Original commit   Revision:455210
455210 CHANGES
455210 MOVED
455210 Mk/Uses/
455210 Mk/Uses/
455210 Mk/Uses/
455210 accessibility/Makefile
455210 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
455210 accessibility/caribou/Makefile
455210 accessibility/orca/Makefile

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Convert Python ports to FLAVORS.

  Ports using USE_PYTHON=distutils are now flavored.  They will
  automatically get flavors (py27, py34, py35, py36) depending on what
  versions they support.

  There is also a USE_PYTHON=flavors for ports that do not use distutils
  but need FLAVORS to be set.  A USE_PYTHON=noflavors can be set if
  using distutils but flavors are not wanted.

  A new USE_PYTHON=optsuffix that will add PYTHON_PKGNAMESUFFIX has been
  added to cope with Python ports that did not have the Python
  PKGNAMEPREFIX but are flavored.

  USES=python now also exports a PY_FLAVOR variable that contains the
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Sun, 4 Jun 2017
[ 21:49 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:442592
442592 archivers/py-attic/Makefile
442592 archivers/py-borgbackup/Makefile
442592 audio/lollypop/Makefile
442592 comms/wsjt/Makefile
442592 comms/wspr/Makefile
442592 mail/rss2email3/Makefile
442592 math/convertall/Makefile
442592 math/rpcalc/Makefile
442592 multimedia/mps-youtube/Makefile
442592 net-im/poezio/Makefile

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Allow these ports to build with PACKAGE_BUILDING_FLAVORS set.

Poudriere in particulr did not properly handle DEPENDS_ARGS which
made these ports not properly install dependencies.  That bug
is being addressed along with adding FLAVORS support to it.

With hat:	portmgr
MFH:		2017Q2
Sat, 7 Jan 2017
[ 21:42 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:430839
430839 Mk/Uses/
430839 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
430839 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
430839 accessibility/orca/Makefile
430839 accessibility/orca/pkg-plist
430839 accessibility/py3-atspi/Makefile
430839 accessibility/py3-atspi/pkg-plist
430839 accessibility/py3-speech-dispatcher/pkg-plist
430839 accessibility/speech-dispatcher/Makefile
430839 astro/weather/Makefile

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Add more PLIST_SUB to Mk/Uses/


This change would help:
- Build databases/postgresql*-plpython with Python 3
  (It has PLIST issue since to Uses/ transition)
- Simplify Makefile

PR:		205807
Differential Revision:
Exp-run by:	antoine
Tue, 8 Nov 2016
[ 15:51 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:425750
425750 math/rpcalc/Makefile
425750 math/rpcalc/distinfo
425750 math/rpcalc/pkg-plist
Update to 0.7.1
Convert to USES=pyqt
Fix plist for Python 3.5
Fri, 1 Apr 2016
[ 14:16 mat ] Original commit   Revision:412348
412348 mail/addresses-goodies/Makefile
412348 mail/alpine/Makefile
412348 mail/anubis/Makefile
412348 mail/archiveopteryx-devel/Makefile
412348 mail/archiveopteryx/Makefile
412348 mail/assp/Makefile
412348 mail/automx/Makefile
412348 mail/avenger/Makefile
412348 mail/balsa/Makefile
412348 mail/batv-milter/Makefile

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Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories m, n, o, and p.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Tue, 2 Feb 2016
[ 20:01 rm ] Original commit   Revision:407841
407841 archivers/py-attic/Makefile
407841 dns/py-py3dns/Makefile
407841 mail/rss2email3/Makefile
407841 math/convertall/Makefile
407841 math/rpcalc/Makefile
407841 misc/py-spdx-lookup/Makefile
407841 misc/py-spdx/Makefile
407841 multimedia/mps-youtube/Makefile
407841 net-im/poezio/Makefile
407841 net-im/py-sleekxmpp/Makefile

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Bump minimal python3 version to 3.3 in USES

Because we are going to remove python 3.2 from the ports tree

With hat:   python
Sat, 13 Sep 2014
[ 23:39 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:368152
368152 math/rpcalc/Makefile
- Since Python 3.x packages aren't available, add a check to
  prevent pkg-fallout errors

===>   rpcalc-0.7.0 depends on package: py33-qt4-gui>=0 - not found
===>    Verifying install for py33-qt4-gui>=0 in
===>   rpcalc-0.7.0 depends on package: /packages/All/py33-qt4-gui-4.11.1,1.txz
- not found
===>   USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS_ONLY set - not building missing dependency from
*** Error code 1
Wed, 10 Sep 2014
[ 20:50 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:367888
367888 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
367888 accessibility/jovie/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kaccessible/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kdeaccessibility4/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile
367888 accessibility/orca/Makefile
367888 arabic/kde4-l10n/Makefile
367888 arabic/libreoffice/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 3171 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update the default version of GCC in the Ports Collection from GCC 4.7.4
to GCC 4.8.3.


PR:		192025
Tested by:	antoine (-exp runs)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
Fri, 29 Aug 2014
[ 22:31 jhale ] Original commit   Revision:366581
366581 math/rpcalc/Makefile
366581 math/rpcalc/distinfo
366581 math/rpcalc/pkg-plist
- Update to 0.7.0
- Stagify
- USE_PYTHON -> USES=python (new version requires 3.2+)
- Take maintainership
Wed, 23 Jul 2014
[ 17:30 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:362717
362717 lang/haskell-mode.el/Makefile
362717 lang/hla/Makefile
362717 lang/ifc/Makefile
362717 lang/metaocaml/Makefile
362717 lang/mpd/Makefile
362717 lang/neko/Makefile
362717 lang/nwcc/Makefile
362717 lang/ocaml-mode.el/Makefile
362717 lang/ocs/Makefile
362717 lang/onyx/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 51 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat:	portmgr
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 20:55 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:327746
327746 math/GiNaC/Makefile
327746 math/PDL/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-ChangeAnomalyDetection/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-Formula/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-KFAS/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-LearnBayes/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-MCMCpack/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-RHmm/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-RSvgDevice/Makefile
327746 math/R-cran-RcppArmadillo/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 665 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
Sun, 3 Feb 2013
[ 18:16 makc ] Original commit   Revision:311476
311476 audio/picard/Makefile
311476 audio/puddletag/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-geom/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-gui/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-jobmanager/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-light/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-med/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-multipr/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-netgenplugin/Makefile
311476 cad/salome-randomizer/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 58 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump PORTREVISON after devel/py-sip and devel/qscintilla2 update.

- mark BROKEN: does not build with latest devel/py-sip
Fri, 25 May 2012
[ 01:50 makc ] Original commit 
1.34 audio/picard/Makefile
1.4 audio/puddletag/Makefile
1.5 cad/salome-geom/Makefile
1.7 cad/salome-gui/Makefile
1.3 cad/salome-jobmanager/Makefile
1.5 cad/salome-light/Makefile
1.6 cad/salome-med/Makefile
1.5 cad/salome-multipr/Makefile
1.3 cad/salome-netgenplugin/Makefile
1.4 cad/salome-randomizer/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 57 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Chase PyQT update
Sun, 28 Mar 2010
[ 06:47 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.20 Mk/
1.12 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.10 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.72 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.51 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.54 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.42 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.46 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.11 accessibility/java-access-bridge/Makefile
1.32 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 4470 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- update to 1.4.1
Reviewed by:    exp8 run on pointyhat
Supported by:   miwi
Sun, 31 Jan 2010
[ 11:48 edwin ] Original commit 
1.2 math/rpcalc/Makefile
1.2 math/rpcalc/pkg-plist
Add @dirrmtry share/icons.
[ 10:28 edwin ] Original commit 
1.633 math/Makefile
1.1 math/rpcalc/Makefile
1.1 math/rpcalc/distinfo
1.1 math/rpcalc/pkg-descr
1.1 math/rpcalc/pkg-plist
New port: math/rpcalc

    rpCalc started out as a little program written to try out various
    Python GUI toolkits. But I ended up using it all the time (it's
    much quicker to pull it up than to pull an actual HP calculator
    out of the desk), and I made several improvements. So I decided
    to make it available to others who also like RPN calculators.

    Author: Doug Bell <doug101 AT bellz DOT org>

Number of commits found: 20

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