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non port: multimedia/avidemux-qt5/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 4

Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
21:39 Thomas Zander (riggs) search for other commits by this committer Author: VVD
multimedia/avidemux-* Update to upstream release 2.8.1

- Update to upstream release 2.8.1
- Introduce NVENC OPTION for HW accelerated NVIDIA codecs

PR:		268145
Reported by:	VVD <>
Reviewed by:	riggs
commit hash: 2d011fa6c08eb8446dad1f92fc052557d5c71ec8 commit hash: 2d011fa6c08eb8446dad1f92fc052557d5c71ec8 commit hash: 2d011fa6c08eb8446dad1f92fc052557d5c71ec8 commit hash: 2d011fa6c08eb8446dad1f92fc052557d5c71ec8 2d011fa
Saturday, 7 May 2022
04:57 Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer Author: Lars Herschke
multimedia/avidemux: update to 2.7.8


- Cleanup of option handling is planned for the near future.

PR:		258720
commit hash: 4fded9331ce96f4ebae8106c1ab27844d92719d8 commit hash: 4fded9331ce96f4ebae8106c1ab27844d92719d8 commit hash: 4fded9331ce96f4ebae8106c1ab27844d92719d8 commit hash: 4fded9331ce96f4ebae8106c1ab27844d92719d8 4fded93
Sunday, 27 Sep 2020
17:49 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
multimedia/avidemux: update to 2.7.6

2020-07-07: 2.7.6: Another nice release, completely done by Euma
* New Feature:Detect and warn when cut points in HEVC video streams may result
in grave playback issues despite being on keyframes
* New Video Decoder:Add libaom-based AV1 decoder
* New Video Encoder:Add libvpx-based VP9 encoder
* New Video Filter:Add hardware accelerated deinterlacer and resizer based on
VA-API (Linux only)
* FFmpeg:Update to the 4.2.3 release
* Core:Increase maximum supported resolution to 4096x4096
* Core:Fix crash on macOS with HW accel. decoding enabled and H.264 video
streams containing both frame- and field-encoded slices
* Encoder:Extend configuration options for NVENC-based H.264 and HEVC encoders,
add 2-pass mode
* Demuxer:Support MPEG-TS files with duration in excess of 13:15:36
* Demuxer:Use DTS core from DTS XLL audio in MPEG-TS files instead of rejecting
the track
* Demuxer:Fix mono MP3 audio tracks in MP4 files misdetected as stereo
* Demuxer:Try to correct timestamp jitter in MP4 files produced by older
Avidemux versions
* Muxer:Fix timestamp rounding which caused pseudo-VFR output from CFR sources
* Muxer:Fix saving to network shares on Windows using the Mp4 muxer when index
should be moved to the start of the file
* Muxer:Support LPCM audio in the Mp4 muxer by silently switching to the MOV
muxing mode
* Muxer:Add support for Vorbis audio to the Mp4 muxer
* Filter:Fix "Fade" and "Fade to black", broken on macOS
* Filter:Allow to toggle rubber band visibility in "Crop" and "Blacken Borders"
video filters
* Filter:Fix keyboard input in "Resize" video filter by recalculating values
only on moving focus to another field or on accepting dialog
* Audio:Add HE-AAC and HE-AACv2 profiles to the FDK AAC encoder plugin
* Audio:Support external audio tracks in DTS format
* UI:Fix navigation slider with RTL locales
* UI:Restore the shutdown option in encoding dialog on Windows
* Scripting:Add PTS query and keyframe seek methods to Python interface
* Miscellaneous:Allow user-defined fragment size for auto-append of chunked
MPEG-TS files
* Miscellaneous:Improve handling of field-encoded video streams throughout the
* Miscellaneous:Improve handling of H.264 video streams with parameter sets
changing on the fly
* Miscellaneous:Try to keep track of video time base throughout the chain
* Miscellaneous:Numerous other fixes and polish

PR:		249241
Submitted by:	Lars Herschke <>, VVD <>
Original commitRevision:550292 
Sunday, 23 Feb 2020
09:04 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
multimedia/avidemux: update to 2.7.4 and readd Qt gui port

- multimedia/avidemux-qt5 repo copied from multimedia/avidemux-qt4
- The port as a whole is in need of a little modernization

PR:		242634
Submitted by:	Lars Herschke <>,tcberner
Tested by:
Reported by:	VVD <>
Original commitRevision:526907 

Number of commits found: 4