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non port: multimedia/dvbcut/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 6

Sat, 6 May 2017
[ 20:37 se ] Original commit   Revision:440290
440290 multimedia/dvbcut/Makefile
440290 multimedia/dvbcut/pkg-plist
Fix program icons being installed in the wrong directory.
Tue, 29 Nov 2016
[ 06:20 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:427356
427356 Mk/
427356 cad/qelectrotech/pkg-plist
427356 devel/liblxqt/pkg-plist
427356 devel/libqtxdg/pkg-plist
427356 devel/qscintilla2-qt5/pkg-plist
427356 devel/qscintilla2/pkg-plist
427356 devel/qt4-libqtassistantclient/pkg-plist
427356 graphics/gle-graphics/pkg-plist
427356 math/vtk6/pkg-plist
427356 multimedia/dvbcut/pkg-plist

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Stop exporting QT_BINDIR and QT_LIBDIR to PLIST_SUB.

As at the moment QT_BINDIR and QT_LIBDIR are 'bin' respectively 'lib' depending
on the Qt version these subs ended up at many wrong places in plists.

So only export it if QT_DIST is set.

PR:		210227
Reviewed by:	mat, rakuco
Approved by:	portmgr (mat), rakuco (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Mon, 14 Nov 2016
[ 07:51 se ] Original commit   Revision:426091
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/Makefile
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/distinfo
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-avframe.cpp
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-defines.h
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-dvbcut.cpp
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-dvbcut.h
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-index.h
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-lavfmuxer.cpp
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-main.cpp
426091 multimedia/dvbcut/files/

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Update to version 0.7.0, which appears to be another fork of the no longer
maintained version 0.5.4 (or the already forked 0.6.2).
This version adds support for qt5 (port option, default remains at qt4) and
is claimed to be compatible with ffmpeg-3.x (not verified, yet).

PR:		214193
Reported by:	jbeich (ffmpeg-3 exp-run)
Thu, 5 Feb 2015
[ 15:04 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:378458
378458 multimedia/dvbcut/Makefile
378458 multimedia/dvbcut/pkg-plist
Cleanup plist
Add shared-mime-info and desktop-file-utils as spotted by the Q/A
But portrevision per desktop-file-utils
Mon, 2 Dec 2013
[ 08:29 se (src committer) ] Original commit   Revision:335469
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/Makefile
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/distinfo
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-avframe.cpp
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-defines.h
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-index.h
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-lavfmuxer.cpp
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-main.cpp
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/patch-src_playaudio.cpp
335469 multimedia/dvbcut/files/use-qt4.diff.bz2

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Fix build of dvbcut , which was broken by a recent ffmpeg upgrade.

This port is no longer based on the Qt3 version of dvbcut plus a large
patch to make it build on Qt4 with the Qt3 emulation layer. A fork that
uses native Qt4 calls is used instead.

The generated files moc_progressstatusbar.cpp and moc_progresswindow.cpp
trigger an internal error in clang, if compiled with optimization. This
bug has been accepted as 18098 in the llvm bug tracker. To work around
this problem, the above mentioned two files are compiled with -O0 appended
to the compiler flages. The post-configure target in the ports Makefile is
to be removed, when a fixed version of clang is distributed in all FreeBSD
releases supported by the ports infrastructure.
Wed, 9 Oct 2013
[ 17:11 se (src committer) ] Original commit   Revision:329913
329913 multimedia/dvbcut/Makefile
329913 multimedia/dvbcut/pkg-plist
Fix build in poudriere: Use LOCALBASE instead of PREFIX for include files.

Partial STAGE support has been implemented, but there is a problem with package
building that
still has to be resolved (missing work/.metadir).

Number of commits found: 6

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