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non port: net-im/spectral/Makefile

Number of commits found: 7

Wed, 6 Nov 2019
[ 18:58 zeising ] Original commit   Revision:516920
516920 net-im/diligent/Makefile
516920 net-im/ekiga/Makefile
516920 net-im/empathy/Makefile
516920 net-im/gajim/Makefile
516920 net-im/gitterdone/Makefile
516920 net-im/licq-qt-gui/Makefile
516920 net-im/pidgin/Makefile
516920 net-im/psi/Makefile
516920 net-im/ricochet/Makefile
516920 net-im/spectral/Makefile

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Add USES=xorg USES=gl, ports categories n

Add USES=xorg and USES=gl to ports in categories starting with 'n'.
While here, try to sprinkle other USES (mostly gnome and sdl) as needed.
Fri, 26 Jul 2019
[ 20:46 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:507372
507372 Mk/
507372 accessibility/atkmm/Makefile
507372 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
507372 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
507372 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile
507372 accessibility/libqaccessibilityclient/Makefile
507372 accessibility/qt5-speech/Makefile
507372 archivers/R-cran-zip/Makefile
507372 archivers/ark/Makefile
507372 archivers/brotli/Makefile

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Bump PORTREVISION for ports depending on the canonical version of GCC
as defined in Mk/ which has moved from GCC 8.3
to GCC 9.1 under most circumstances now after revision 507371.

This includes ports
 - with USE_GCC=yes or USE_GCC=any,
 - with USES=fortran,
 - using Mk/ which in turn features USES=fortran, and
 - with USES=compiler specifying openmp, nestedfct, c11, c++0x, c++11-lang,
   c++11-lib, c++14-lang, c++17-lang, or gcc-c++11-lib
plus, everything INDEX-11 shows with a dependency on lang/gcc9 now.

PR:		238330
Thu, 6 Jun 2019
[ 14:47 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:503581
503581 net-im/libqmatrixclient/Makefile
503581 net-im/libqmatrixclient/distinfo
503581 net-im/libqmatrixclient/pkg-plist
503581 net-im/quaternion/Makefile
503581 net-im/quaternion/distinfo
503581 net-im/quaternion/pkg-plist
503581 net-im/spectral/Makefile
503581 net-im/spectral/distinfo
Update Qt5-based Matrix clients

 - libqmatrixclient is undergoing a name-change, to libQuotient.
   Anticipate that a little.
 - libqmatrixclient installed a ${LOCALBASE}/include/util.h which
   is awfully generic; move the includes into include/Quotient
   (again, in advance of the completion of the renaming).
   Reported by Jan Henrik Sylvester.
 - quaternion just has a minor release with several-times-rerolled
   AppImage support (which isn't relevant for us).
 - spectral has had several more tags done, but no official releases.
   The tags are build-numbers, really, so PORTVERSION=603 means
   build 603, and can be interpreted as until there's
   a real release. This does mean that we'll hit a PORTEPOCH once
   such a release happens, when PORTVERSION drops back down to
   0.0.1 (or whatever).
 - spectral doesn't update to the latest tag (648) because that
   requires an unreleased libQuotient version (not an issue if you
   build from source with git submodules, but problematic in
Fri, 31 May 2019
[ 11:44 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:503161
503161 net-im/spectral/Makefile
net-im/spectral: Spell LICENSE_FILE correctly
Thu, 18 Apr 2019
[ 19:08 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:499308
499308 net-im/libqmatrixclient/Makefile
499308 net-im/libqmatrixclient/distinfo
499308 net-im/quaternion/Makefile
499308 net-im/quaternion/distinfo
499308 net-im/quaternion/pkg-plist
499308 net-im/spectral/Makefile
Update net-im/libqmatrixclient and consumers

New release of libqmatrixclient
with crash fixes when there are expired tokens or abandoned connections.
This helps when clients are stuck showing some dialog and the connection
goes away under water.

New RC of quaternion, using the updated library.
Needs a PORTREVISION bump because I'm using DISTVERSIONSUFFIX. This
will go away when is reached.

Bump spectral so that it picks up the new libqmatrixclient.
Sun, 14 Apr 2019
[ 14:15 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:498907
498907 net-im/spectral/Makefile
498907 net-im/spectral/pkg-descr
Missing dependencies for net-im/spectral.

These are effectively *run* dependencies, since the build is not
affected; however, installing just spectral without image support
or QQC2 into a twm environment gives you one that won't start,
or won't show everything you might encounter in Matrix.

Doesn't fix the referenced PR, but is related.

PR:		236598
Fri, 8 Mar 2019
[ 17:19 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:495058
495058 net-im/Makefile
495058 net-im/quaternion/Makefile
495058 net-im/spectral
495058 net-im/spectral/Makefile
495058 net-im/spectral/distinfo
495058 net-im/spectral/pkg-descr
495058 net-im/spectral/pkg-plist
New port: net-im/spectral .. a glossy Matrix client.

This is another Qt-based Matrix client, but it is much more focused
on a shiny desktop experience, rather than the more spartan text-like
look of net-im/quaternion.

The source distribution uses git submodules; add only one of them
to GL_*, because we use a standalone net-im/libqmatrixclient .
The PORTVERSION is related to the most-recently-released version,
but it's not particularly accurate: 464 was released four months ago.

Number of commits found: 7

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