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non port: net/belle-sip/files/patch-configure

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Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
13:31 tijl search for other commits by this committer
Update the Linphone stack and drop maintainership.

Linphone uses Qt5 now instead of GTK2.

- switch to cmake, required by net/mediastreamer
- download distfile instead of using gitlab
- fix license: source code allows later GPL version

audio/msbcg729: deleted, net/mediastreamer contains a G.729 codec now
audio/msilbc: deleted, superseded by multimedia/mswebrtc
deskutils/belcard: version 1.0.2
multimedia/bcmatroska2: version 0.23
multimedia/msopenh264: version 1.2.1
multimedia/mswebrtc: version 1.1.1
multimedia/msx264: deleted, superseded by msopenh264
net/bctoolbox: version 0.6.0
net/belle-sip: version 1.6.3
net/liblinphone: version 3.12.0
net/linphone: version 4.1.1 + upstream Qt 5.11 patches
net/mediastreamer: version 2.16.1 + upstream libsrtp2 patch
net/ortp: version 1.0.2 + bump dependent port devel/libosmo-abis
security/bzrtp: version 1.0.6
textproc/belr: version 0.1.3
Original commitRevision:482343 
Thursday, 5 Nov 2015
12:11 bofh search for other commits by this committer
net/belle-sip: Update version 1.4.1=>1.4.2

- Fix patch files for 'make makepatch' compatibility
Original commitRevision:400845 
Thursday, 16 Apr 2015
19:00 tijl search for other commits by this committer
- Updates to the Linphone stack: Belle-sip 1.4.0, oRTP 0.24.1,
  Mediastreamer 2.11.1, Linphone 3.8.1
- Switch to PolarSSL 1.3.x to enable instant messaging encryption
- SRTP/ZRTP support has been moved from oRTP to Mediastreamer

Notable enhancements in this release:
- Fullscreen mode
- Hang up button in the video window
- Wizard for audio/video settings
- Arabic translation
- Support RTP/AVPF (RFC4585) with VP8 codec: this feature allows
  transmission error recovery for video, which greatly enhances the
  video quality over unreliable links
Original commitRevision:384119 
Sunday, 13 Jul 2014
13:41 tijl search for other commits by this committer
Fix patch to use the right WRKDIR.
Original commitRevision:361680 
12:50 tijl search for other commits by this committer
New port: net/belle-sip

Belle-sip is a SIP (RFC3261) implementation written in C, with an object
oriented API.

* RFC3261 compliant implementation of SIP parser, writer, transactions and
  dialog layers
* http client api
* support of client TLS certificate
* fully asynchronous transport layer (UDP, TCP, TLS)
* fully asynchronous DNS resolution with SRV
* full dual-stack IPv6 support
* SIP transaction state machines with lastest corrections (RFC6026)
* automatic management of request refreshes with network disconnection
  resiliency thanks to the "refresher" object
* supported platforms: Linux, Mac OSX, windows XP+, iOS, Android,
  Blackberry 10

PR:		191528
Submitted by:	Muhammad Moinur Rahman <>
Original commitRevision:361675 

Number of commits found: 5