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non port: net/freeswitch-core-devel/Makefile

Number of commits found: 26

Thursday, 21 Aug 2014
22:50 mandree search for other commits by this committer
Berkeley DB cleanup, remove versions 4.0 ... 4.7.
- Mk/ rewrite, new default to db5.
- db6 is eligible by default only if installed on the system.
- Bump PORTREVISION of all ports that directly depend on BerkeleyDB or
  where USE_BDB is found in the port's directory
- Patch a few ports such that they will pick up or work with newer
- Add UPDATING entry
- Drive-by format fix for pks
- Drop BerkeleyDB option from mail/popular for now, requires more work.
- Exp-run logs linked from the PR below.
- Ports that do not build (IGNORE, BROKEN, etc.) have pro-forma changes
  for new Berkeley DB, but are untested.

NOTE: please read UPDATING and the Wiki page before proceeding!

Wiki reference:
PR:		192690
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, PORTREVISION bump on unstaged ports)
Original commitRevision:365599 
Monday, 14 Jul 2014
18:42 bapt search for other commits by this committer

With hat:	portmgr
Original commitRevision:361812 
Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014
14:50 tijl search for other commits by this committer
Support LIBS like LDFLAGS.

- Add an option helper for LIBS.
- Adjust all ports that already use LIBS.  Also remove references to
- Some ports did not support having a LIBS environment variable and
  required additional patches.

Somewhat simplified a linker command line looks like:

${CC} ${src_LDFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} ${src_LIBS} ${LIBS}

where src_LDFLAGS and src_LIBS are controlled by upstream and LDFLAGS and
LIBS can be controlled by us.  If possible -L and -l flags need to be
added to LIBS to make sure they appear after any -L and -l flags set by
upstream.  Many ports currently add -L${LOCALBASE}/lib to LDFLAGS but this
may appear too early on the command line causing installed libraries to
be linked in instead of freshly built ones.

Additional changes:
benchmarks/netio: Replace WITH_IPV6 with an IPV6 option.
comms/gnokii: Replace some patches with USES=pathfix.  Also remove -fPIC.
graphics/gimageview: USES=libtool and install desktop file in DESKTOPDIR.
graphics/visionworkbench: Remove FreeBSD 7 support.
multimedia/libmovtar: New LIB_DEPENDS syntax.
multimedia/opencinematools: Use standard do-build.
net/siproxd: USES=libtool:keepla (port actually needs .la files for plugins)
net-mgmt/nagios: Remove -fPIC.
net-mgmt/nagios4: Remove -fPIC.
print/cups-base: Only add -lssp_nonshared on i386 and OSVERSION < 1000036.
security/p11-kit: Replace PTHREAD_LIBS in CONFIGURE_ENV with
ac_cv_func_pthread_mutexattr_init=no in CONFIGURE_ARGS.  This skips a test
in configure that falsely detects pthread_mutexattr_init in our libc.
sysutils/dar: Fix iconv detection.
x11/rxvt-unicode: Remove -lstdc++ and patch configure to remove a FreeBSD
hack and use $CXX as linker as on other platforms.

PR:		190592
Exp-run by:	antoine
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Original commitRevision:357486 
Thursday, 29 May 2014
12:00 miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Convert gmake,bzip2 to USES

Approved by:	portmgr
Original commitRevision:355691 
Monday, 5 May 2014
11:15 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Catch a couple of missing convertsion to :tu/:tl

Submitted by:	ak
With hat:	portmgr
Original commitRevision:352993 
Friday, 20 Sep 2013
22:10 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
Original commitRevision:327755 
Saturday, 3 Aug 2013
13:44 mat search for other commits by this committer
- Convert to new perl framework
- Remove MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=yes, it's the default.
Original commitRevision:324191 
Thursday, 11 Jul 2013
16:26 sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 7.31.0
- Bump PORTREVISION for ftp/curl shlib change
- Convert to new options framework
- Adjust options:
  - Add GSSAPI and SPNEGO [2]
  - Remove KERBEROS4
  - Rename LIBIDN to IDN
  - Remove TRACKMEMORY [1]
- Sort option handler
- Add SLAVEDIRS: ftp/curl-hiphop
- Cosmetic change
- Cleanup Makefile header
- While I'm here, fix typo (PORTREVSION) in x11-wm/ede/Makefile

PR:		ports/172325 (-exp run), ports/177369 (based on) [1]
Submitted by:	Hirohisa Yamaguchi <> [1], hrs (via email) [2]
Exp run by:	miwi
Original commitRevision:322783 
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2013
14:20 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Finish converting the whole ports tree to USES=pkgconfig
Original commitRevision:316355 
Thursday, 28 Mar 2013
15:59 eadler search for other commits by this committer
Quick fix for this port too: I had fixed this in the wrong tree
Original commitRevision:315477 
15:51 eadler search for other commits by this committer
Drop support for old versions of FreeBSD from unmaintained ports

Reviewed by:	miwi
Original commitRevision:315474 
Friday, 8 Mar 2013
11:32 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Convert USE_BISON to USES= bison

It brings bison as a build dependency in case it is set the following way:
USES= bison or USES= bison:build

it brings bison as a run dependency in case it is set the following way:
USES= bison:run

it brings bison both as a run and build dependency in case it the set the
following way:
USES= bison:both

While here trim some headers
Convert some USE_GNOME= gnomehack to USES= pathfix
Original commitRevision:313635 
Monday, 21 Jan 2013
00:33 swills search for other commits by this committer
- Remove hard coded sleep [1]
- Make the "sofia recover" only run if you've set freeswitch_cluster so it
doesn't break the ability to start the daemon [1]
- Mark MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE due to failures building it with FORCE_MAKE_JOBS

PR:		ports/175305 [1]
Submitted by:	Mark Felder <> [1]
Original commitRevision:310727 
Friday, 7 Dec 2012
22:26 linimon search for other commits by this committer
Current maintainer is away from FreeBSD work ATM, so return these to the
pool for now.

Feature safe:	yes
Original commitRevision:308454 
Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012
22:12 linimon search for other commits by this committer
Force numerous ports that fail to build with clang over to instead always
rely on gcc.  The patch uses the new USE_GCC=any code in Mk/ to
accomplish this.

The ports chosen were ports that blocked 2 or more ports from building with
clang.  (There are several hundred other ports that still fail to build with
clang, even with this patch.  This is merely one step along the way.)

Those interested in fixing these ports with clang, and have clang as their
default compiler, can simply set FORCE_BASE_CC_FOR_TESTING=yes.

For those who have gcc as their default compiler, this change is believed
to cause no change.

Hat:		portmgr
Tested with:	multiple runs on amd64-8-exp-bcm and 9-exp-clang, with various
		combinations of patch/no-patch and flag settings.
Original commitRevision:305610 
Friday, 21 Sep 2012
23:20 flo search for other commits by this committer
- update net/freeswitch-devel to 1.2.3 (forgotten in r304599) [1]
- minor cleanups to net/freeswitch-core-devel [2]

PR:		ports/171781 [1]
Submitted by:	Richard Neese <> (maintainer) [1], ohauer [2]
Approved by:	maintainer [2]
Original commitRevision:304645 
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012
21:09 flo search for other commits by this committer
Update to 1.2.3

PR:		ports/171780
PR:		ports/171781
PR:		ports/171782
PR:		ports/171783
Submitted by:	Richard Neese <> (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:304599 
Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012
05:33 jgh search for other commits by this committer
- fix MODFREETDM ports option

PR:	170808
Submitted by:
Approved by:	maintainer,
Original commit
Thursday, 16 Aug 2012
21:20 jgh search for other commits by this committer
- update to 1.2.1
- adopt optionsNG

PR:	170318
Submitted by:	maintainer,
Original commit
Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012
13:37 olgeni search for other commits by this committer
Patch ports depending on lang/erlang-lite to use lang/erlang instead.

The current lang/erlang option defaults match those specified in
lang/erlang-lite, thus making it redundant. Also, mixing ports
depending on lang/erlang and lang/erlang-lite is impossible without
manual patching.

Hence, lang/erlang-lite is going to be removed.
Original commit
Thursday, 26 Jul 2012
18:08 jgh search for other commits by this committer
- end make config loop

Submitted by: jgh
Reported by: maintainer, (irc)
Original commit
05:40 bapt search for other commits by this committer
new devel/pkgconf added to replace devel/pkg-config. new version of pkg-config
are no more self hosting so we are stuck with 0.25 version while pkgconf provide
the same set of features as 0.27 and a compatible frontend. A symlink to
pkg-config has been added for convenience and compatibility

This also introduces a new macro to use pkgconf in your ports:

it can take the following arguments:
 - yes (meaning build only dep)
 - build (meaning build only dep)
 - run (meaning run only dep)
 - both (meaning run and build dep)

From now USE_GNOME= pkgconfig is deprecated in favour of USE_PKGCONFIG
The old gnome macro has been modified to use pkgconf but still the sameway: run
and build dep to avoid large breakage.

While here fix some ports relying on pkg-config but not specifying it, fix some
ports broken because testing wrong .pc files, and fix ports using pkg-config
--version to determine pkg-config version instead of
pkg-config --modversion pkg-config like recommanded by pkg-config

With Hat:	portmgr
Exp-runs by:	bapt (pointhat-west), beat (pointyhat)
Original commit
Saturday, 16 Jun 2012
13:10 crees search for other commits by this committer
Define PKGBASE to stop sharing UNIQUENAME with net/freeswitch

Noticed by:     rneese (maintainer)
Original commit
Tuesday, 22 May 2012
19:12 crees search for other commits by this committer
Add configuration ports for freeswitch-devel; vanilla, sbc, insideout and curl

PR:             ports/167877
PR:             ports/167878
PR:             ports/167879
PR:             ports/167881
Submitted by:   Richard Neese ( (maintainer)

Fix some minor pkg-install script issues in -core-devel

Use a cookie file to install ETCDIR/conf directory structure rather than
@exec mkdir to simplify installation
Original commit
Monday, 21 May 2012
16:49 crees search for other commits by this committer
Stop installing freeswitch.xml to ETCDIR; it conflicts with the
configuration ports
Original commit
Thursday, 17 May 2012
21:03 crees search for other commits by this committer
Add net/freeswitch-core-devel port; version 1.2 for testing.

Register CONFLICTS with net/freeswitch-core

PR:             ports/167872
Submitted by:   Richard Neese <>
Original commit

Number of commits found: 26