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non port: net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp

Number of commits found XX: 9

Tue, 8 Dec 2020
[ 20:03 lbartoletti ] Original commit   Revision:557300
557300 Mk/Uses/
557300 Mk/Uses/
557300 biology/py-ete3/Makefile
557300 cad/cura/Makefile
557300 cad/uranium/Makefile
557300 comms/py-qt5-sensors/Makefile
557300 comms/py-qt5-serialport/Makefile
557300 databases/py-qt5-sql/Makefile
557300 deskutils/calibre/Makefile
557300 deskutils/calibre/distinfo

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Update Qt/PySide2 to 5.15.2 / PyQt to 5.15.1 / SIP to 5.4.0
This commit combines several updates.

- Update Qt to 5.12.2
- Update PyQt to 5.15.1
- Since PySide 5.15.1 is broken with Qt 5.15.2, so PySide and Shiboken are also
updated to 5.15.2.
- Update sip to 5.4.0

SIP is a collection of tools  to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries
and used by PyQt and wxPython. There are some changes with sip5 [1]:
- python 3.5+ is required
- sip drops support of old deprecated methods as sipdistutils & cie.
- this version breaks also PyQt5 extension ABI. SIP files will be installed in
- some ports will use the new pyqtbuilder package with the pyproject.toml setup.
Instead if the project have a, you should use sip-build to build it.
- if a port needs sip, it should also needs pysip. BTW, py-qt5-core requires
pysip, so that should be enough for PyQt packages.
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Mon, 6 Jul 2020
[ 06:43 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:541318
541318 Mk/Uses/
541318 comms/qt5-connectivity/pkg-plist
541318 comms/qt5-serialbus/pkg-plist
541318 databases/qt5-sqldrivers-mysql/files/patch-src_plugins_sqldrivers_mysql_qsql__mysql.cpp
541318 devel/qt5-assistant/pkg-plist
541318 devel/qt5-buildtools/pkg-plist
541318 devel/qt5-core/Makefile
541318 devel/qt5-core/files/patch-git_276fa83
541318 devel/qt5-core/files/patch-src_corelib_time_qtimezoneprivate__tz.cpp
541318 devel/qt5-core/pkg-plist

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Update Qt5 to 5.15

This is a major upgrade of the Qt libraries [1], [2].

* People that use upgrading mechanisms with incomplete dependency handling
  (portmaster & Co) should make sure to manually remove the existing Qt
  packages to guarantee a safe upgrade. Keep in mind, that Qt does not like if
  you have an incomplete upgrade.

* This version of Qt drops support for OpenSSL 1.0 -- this means that there
  won't be any binary packages for Qt5 provided by the FreeBSD package builders
  for FreeBSD 11.x anymore -- and the same for *all* the ports depending on
  net/qt5-network [3]. If you cannot upgrade to a more recent FreeBSD
  version (12.x, 13.x), you will need to build Qt5 from ports while switching
  to an SSL implementation from ports.
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Tue, 1 Oct 2019
[ 04:13 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:513447
513447 Mk/Uses/
513447 Mk/Uses/
513447 accessibility/qt5-speech/Makefile
513447 comms/qt5-connectivity/pkg-plist
513447 comms/qt5-serialbus/pkg-plist
513447 deskutils/znotes/Makefile
513447 devel/grantlee5/files/patch-git_1b4f22-fix-qt5.13
513447 devel/qt5-assistant/Makefile
513447 devel/qt5-assistant/files/
513447 devel/qt5-core/Makefile

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Qt5 update to 5.13.0

For new features, check:

Thanks to adridg who helped to fix a lot of packages.

Exp-run by:	antoine
PR:		238782
Mon, 24 Dec 2018
[ 16:46 adridg ] Original commit   Revision:488276
488276 net/qt5-network/Makefile
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-qsslcontext_openssl.cpp
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_kernel_qnetworkinterface__unix.cpp
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_socket_qnet__unix__p.h
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_socket_qnet_unix_p.h
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp
488276 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_plugins_bearer_generic_qgenericengine.cpp
Fix net/qt5-network in the face of VLANs.

Adding a VLAN to a FreeBSD system caused memory corruption -- usually
enough to make rtld fall over with symbol resolution errors, although
in DEBUG builds it would just crash. Revamp network interface discovery
to not be full of memory gotcha's.

An explanation is included in the patches. While here, "make makesum"
has moved some files around.

PR:		231402, 233798, 232318
Reported by:	Ting-Wei Lan, Nils Beyer, Marek Zarychta
Fri, 18 May 2018
[ 12:27 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:470288
470288 Mk/
470288 accessibility/qt5-speech/Makefile
470288 accessibility/qt5-speech/pkg-plist
470288 comms/qt5-connectivity/Makefile
470288 comms/qt5-connectivity/pkg-plist
470288 comms/qt5-sensors/Makefile
470288 comms/qt5-serialbus/Makefile
470288 comms/qt5-serialport/Makefile
470288 comms/qt5-serialport/pkg-plist
470288 databases/qt5-sql/Makefile

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Update the Qt5 ports to 5.10.1.

The work was done by tcberner and myself, with thanks to antoine for the

Not a lot to report compared to other Qt5 updates:
* net/qt5-network is still broken with LibreSSL. I said this in a commit
  message ages ago but it bears repeating: upstream is open to adding support
  for LibreSSL, but someone needs to step up to maintain it upstream, otherwise
  things will continue to be broken all the time.
* www/qt5-webengine is a huge monster that is terrible to update, just like
  www/chromium itself is. We (kde@) have decided to keep using the 5.9 series
  for the time being, as it should be compatible with the rest of Qt anyway. It
  was updated to 5.9.5, the latest 5.9 release at the time of writing.

PR:		228213
Sun, 1 Apr 2018
[ 22:38 cmt ] Original commit   Revision:466188
466188 net/qt5-network/Makefile
466188 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp
466188 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols.cpp
466188 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols__p.h
restore ssl functionality with openssl

The "libressl compatibility" unfortunately added a dependency on the
SSL_CTX_set1_groups() function, which is neither available in base (for
released versions of FreeBSD) nor ports openssl (it's only in openssl-devel
and libressl). This broke SSL (most importantly HTTPS) functionalty
in many Qt5-ports.

This adds some #ifdefs around the SSL_CTX_set1_groups() calling sites
and restores the old code in cases where libressl has not been detected.

PR:		218421
Reported by:	yuri
Approved by:	maintainer-timeout
Tue, 7 Mar 2017
[ 02:45 rezny ] Original commit   Revision:435579
435579 net/qt5-network/Makefile
435579 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp
435579 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl.cpp
435579 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols.cpp
435579 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols__p.h
Fix to build with libressl as well as libressl-devel and simplify patch

PR:		217220
Reported by:
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 22 Feb 2017
[ 19:29 rezny ] Original commit   Revision:434633
434633 net/qt5-network/Makefile
434633 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp
434633 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols.cpp
434633 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslsocket__openssl__symbols__p.h
Fix build with libressl-devel by implementing portable curve control.
Correct the path used for loading SSL libraries at runtime.

PR:		216781
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 23 Aug 2016
[ 14:23 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:420681
420681 net/qt5-network/files/patch-src_network_ssl_qsslcontext__openssl.cpp
Fix the build with LibreSSL.

LibreSSL does not define SSL_CTRL_SET_CURVES, so check for the macro's
existence before using it.

I'm committing this mostly to get it into the 2016Q3 branch so it lives a bit
longer: starting with Qt 5.6, upstream explicitly does not support LibreSSL and
fails at configuration time if it is detected (the rationale being that they do
not want to make the OpenSSL backend code even more confusing with additional
checks and code paths for LibreSSL; patches adding a separate LibreSSL backend
are more than welcome, but someone needs to write the code and maintain it).

PORTREVISION is not being bumped because the LibreSSL build was simply broken
before, and the patch does not change anything for OpenSSL users.

PR:		211832
Submitted by:
MFH:		2016Q3

Number of commits found XX: 9

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