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non port: net/rsync/pkg-plist

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Tue, 28 Jul 2020
[ 06:59 rodrigo ] Original commit   Revision:543580
net/rsync upgrade to 3.2.2

Major changes and bugfixes:
 3.1.3 -> 3.2.0
 * Avoid potential out-of-bounds read in daemon mode
 * Fix defaul list list of skip-compress files for non-daemon transfers
 * Fix xattr filter rules losing an 'x' attribute in a non-local transfer
 * zlib fixes for CVE-2016-9843, CVE-2016-9842, CVE-2016-9841, and CVE-2016-9840
 * Fixed a crash in the --iconv code
 * Checksum enhancements, including the addition of xxhash
 * The checksum preference order of the negotiation can be customized or forced
 * Compression enhancements, including the addition of zstd and lz4 compression
 * Added openssl & preliminary gnutls support to the rsync-ssl script
 * Added the proxy protocol daemon parameter that allows your rsyncd to know the
real remote
   IP when it is setup behind a proxy
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Mon, 22 May 2017
[ 12:10 dvl ] Original commit   Revision:441452
Include rrsync with net/rsync
This script can be used to restrict rsync to subdirectory declared in

Approved by:	ehaupt (maintainer)
Differential Revision:
Wed, 8 Oct 2014
[ 14:26 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:370444 (Only the first 10 of 53 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove @dirrm, @dirrmtry
Mon, 14 Apr 2014
[ 17:20 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:351269
- Turn file system flags support patch option on by default. FreeBSD has had
  flags since the very beginning, and they are actively used in the base
  system. A standard install includes 27 files and one directory with the schg
  flag set. Thus, rsync, out of the box, is incapable of making or restoring
  an accurate backup of a FreeBSD system.

- Move configuration directory from %%PREFIX%%/etc to %%ETCDIR%% and provide
  a start_precmd() rc.d function to migrate %%PREFIX%%/etc/rsyncd.conf to
  %%ETCDIR%%/rsyncd.conf if found and create a symlink. The reason behind this
  change is that rsyncd in a typical setup will end up with more than one
  configuration file (eg. rsyncd.secrets).

- Use new @sample pkg-plist macro


Discussed with: des
Tue, 21 Jan 2014
[ 23:40 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:340674 (Only the first 10 of 949 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Fix properties on pkg-plist
Wed, 23 Oct 2013
[ 07:27 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:331355
Support staging.

PR:		183189
Submitted by:	mat
Mon, 16 May 2005
[ 21:07 pav ] Original commit 
- Update to 2.6.4
- Use new infrastructure for rc script
- Remove pkg-message, it's 4 years since the change

Approved by:    marcus (portmgr hat)
Sun, 16 Nov 2003
[ 23:08 eik ] Original commit 
- add rc.subr(8) start/stop script
- assume maintainership, I don't speak Haskell .-P
- install some additional documentation
- USE_SSH => !WITHOUT_SSH, no extra warning
  since this is default for OSVERSION >= 400016
- added a test target

Approved by:    marcus (mentor)
Mon, 3 Mar 2003
[ 19:37 obraun ] Original commit 
* Add rsyncd.conf.sample and

  PR:           ports/48883
  Submitted by: Morettoni Luca <>

* Add patch for -current submitted by ume@

  Quote from ume@'s mail:

  It seems the daemon mode of rsync depends on an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.
  Since an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address is off by default on 5-CURRENT, rsync
  doesn't listen on IPv4.  Further, rsync has a bug that it always listen on
  1st entry's address of the result of getaddrinfo() call.  With this patch,
  rsync listen on both an IPv4 and an IPv6.

* Make pkg-plist respect PORTDOCS.
Wed, 22 Nov 2000
[ 00:26 obrien ] Original commit 
Add $FreeBSD$, which help me in problem reports.    

Number of commits found: 10