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 Watch list upload (staging) doesn't work
Author: chrullrich 
Date:   28-04-06 07:07

I have been trying on and off for more that a year to use the "staging area"
of the watch list upload feature. I've never yet succeeded, neither on the
"live" site nor on beta.

The site behaves slightly different depending on whether I paste my
ports list into the text box, or upload a file:

When I use the big text box, the click on "Staging" just takes me back
to the empty upload page, with no error message whatsoever.

Uploading a file gets me to the staging area, where all differences
between the watch list and the uploaded file seem to be displayed
correctly, but "Update watch list" again takes me to the empty upload
page, having completely _cleared_ my watch list in the process.

The only way to actually update my watch list is to upload the ports list
without using the staging area. I have tried it with different browsers
(IE, Firefox, Konqueror, Opera), and while it may have been broken in
different ways, it has never worked right.

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