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 Re: Ports freeze
Author: Dan 
Date:   16-12-08 13:21

Chukharev wrote:

> Dan wrote:
> > The website now says it's a freeze. I think that's because it
> > missed the commit/update/something.
> I guessed that might be the case, and it was one of the reasons
> I started this again... Can you fight against missed commits by
> checking last commit diff from a cron job? Say, weekly job
> would limit the delay of status change reasonably.

It was not a missed commit. It was a file permission error.

As for looking for missed commits, the only strategy I can think of is comparing the message-ids from the emails against those stored in the database.

Also, the SVN revision IDs may be useful here.

If someone wishes to write a script (shell, python, or perl) that obtains a text file of IDs (messages-id or emails) from somewhere, then compares them against the database, that will come up with a list of missing IDs. Then we would obtain those missing emails.

Now that I think a bit more: it is better to use message-ids from the mailing list archives. That way, we can get the emails easily, which can them be parsed into XML and loaded into the system.

If we use SVN revision ids, we will have to create an 'email-like' message and parse it.

> > If you can see a way to tell....
> Unfortunately, nothing better than looking into the commit
> message... And that is definitely too bad unless a special test
> can be added to the commit checking system.

I don't want to get into parsing email message content. It will have false positives.

The Man Behind The Curtain

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