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 required by no updating
Author: bapt 
Date:   18-03-11 16:00


the x11/gnome-libs ports still show in the "required by field" (beta version) the information concerning ports that actually does require gnome-libs any more (x11-toolkits/p5-Gtk2-ImageView for example)

PS: thanks for freshports it is very useful

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 Re: required by no updating
Author: Dan 
Date:   18-03-11 18:30

As each commit is processed, the dependencies of THAT port are updated in the database. What is missing is the clearing of cache. That part has not been coded yet.

The HTML for x11/gnome-libs is cached. That cache is cleared whenever x11/gnome-libs is updated. Other events can clear that cache, for example, if a master port is updated, the cache for all slave ports is cleared.

In this case, clearing of cache is not so straight forward. In this case, x11/gnome-libs is not involved in the commit, so we can't rely on the usual commit processing.

However, we can do this via triggers on the port_dependencies table. Whenever items are added or deleted from the table, we can queue a cache clear based on that. I probably won't write that code until after BSDCan

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