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 link to PRs
Author: Dan 
Date:   26-06-13 12:38

EvilDES suggested that FreshPorts link to the gnats database to pull up any PRs for a given port. The GNATS database is available through anonymous read-only rsync.

That sounds like a great idea.

The Man Behind The Curtain

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 Re: link to PRs
Author: Dan 
Date:   26-06-13 12:41

He also said:

could be as simple as a cron job that rsyncs the GNATS database, parses the index and stuffs PR numbers into a database.

all you need in the web interface is a linkylink to
just the PR number and one-line synopsis with a link to the full PR

you probably want to throw everything away every time you pull the GNATS db, since PRs can be misfiled. i.e., repopulate the PR list from scratch every time

The Man Behind The Curtain

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 Re: link to PRs
Author: Dan 
Date:   26-01-14 03:57

Mentioned on IRC tonight:

[22:50] <eadler> dvl: we already have a gnats2sql program
[22:53] <dvl> eadler: how does that gnats2sql work?
[22:55] <eadler> milki: its on gsoc from 2 summers ago
[22:55] <eadler> dvl: you rsync the gnats db and run a script
[22:55] <eadler> it goes to sqlite
[22:55] <eadler> probably trivial to make go to postgres instead
[22:56] <dvl> eadler: That sounds feasible. Sounds like something someone could do independently.
[22:56] <eadler> yeap

The Man Behind The Curtain

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