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 HEADS UP - some categories are "missing"
Author: Dan 
Date:   07-11-04 22:51

Hi folks,

I just discovered that some categories are missing. In particular, I noticed that is incomplete. I know the fix, and will be implementing it as soon as I can.

If someone has time to go through the categories listed at and note here any that give results similar to, please let us know here and I'll tidy them up. I'll check back in a few days.

Yes, I'd do this myself, but I've run out of time.

FWIW, this fixes the problem for one category:

update categories set is_primary = TRUE, element_id = 171607 where id = 85;


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 Re: HEADS UP - some categories are "missing"
Author: Dan 
Date:   08-11-04 01:16

I've found that suffers from the same problem.

Also, FWIW, I've noticed that some categories have the wrong description. Now, categories get their descriptions from:

[dan@polo:/usr/ports/polish] $ make -V COMMENT
Polish language support
[dan@polo:/usr/ports/polish] $

Perhaps I should refresh all that stuff.

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 Fixed, but cause not found
Author: JunkMale 
Date:   10-11-04 13:08

I'm not sure what caused the problem in the first place. I am unable to reproduce the situation with my testing. I suspect that I'll need to test with the code as it was on the date these new categories were added. This may be a bug that has already been fixed. Regardless, I want to reproduce the problem and thereby understand the problem before I can claim it has been fixed.

In the meantime, I have fixed fixed <> and

I have no idea why this affected only the above two categories and not the categories that were created between them. For example: select is_primary, name, description from categories where id >= 85 order by id;
is_primary | name | description
t | accessibility | no description supplied
f | php | no description supplied
t | arabic | No description supplied (pkg/COMMENT not found)
f | pear | no description supplied
f | lisp | no description supplied
t | x11-themes | no description supplied
t | net-mgmt | Network management tools
f | paralell | no description supplied
(8 rows)

Time will reveal the answer I hope.

Dan Langille - webmaster

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