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 Re: Timezones
Author: Dan 
Date:   14-11-04 13:43

AnotherJunkMale wrote:

> JunkMale wrote:
> > - commit times not being displayed in local time
> Or even just document the server timezone (or use UTC).
> Currently the times being displayed are one hour off of UTC.

They are now UTC. The one hour off was because of daylight savings.

This issue is not as simple to resolve as it may seem.

Try it yourself.

Create a PostgreSQL database. Dates are stored in a 'timestamp with time zone' field. Ensure your system time zone is set to PST.

dan=# insert into test values ('2004-11-14 13:07:23 UTC');
INSERT 8834308 1
dan=# select * from test;
2004-11-14 05:07:23-08
(1 row)

dan=# insert into test values ('2004-11-14 13:07:23');
INSERT 8834318 1
dan=# select * from test;
2004-11-14 05:07:23-08
2004-11-14 13:07:23-08
(2 rows)

The system uses a time_adjust feature. It was set at -7 hours. It is now set at -8 hours.

A possible solution might be to remove the time zone from such fields and just store the time as found in the commit message. Such a solution removes flexibility.

As before, I am open to suggested solutioned.

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