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 Re: Timezones
Author: AnotherJunkMale 
Date:   14-11-04 19:51

Dan wrote:

> This issue is not as simple to resolve as it may seem.
> A possible solution might be to remove the time zone from such
> fields and just store the time as found in the commit message.
> Such a solution removes flexibility.
> As before, I am open to suggested solutioned.

When I have had to do similar things before I have always preferred to use UTC and store date/time values as a time_t value and do any needed conversions upon use.

Another idea is to run the server or process in UTC instead of PST/PDT.

These are just ideas for consideration, often there are more complexities involved, especially if you are using features of the date data types.

One place I worked once, a VP insisted on using Eastern Time for some reports and I needed to send a reminder email out twice a year explaining why April would have one day with 4% less usages and October would show one day with 4% extra usage.

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