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 Re: Timezones
Author: Dan 
Date:   16-11-04 23:38

AnotherJunkMale wrote:

> When I have had to do similar things before I have always
> preferred to use UTC and store date/time values as a time_t
> value and do any needed conversions upon use.

time_t? FreshPorts stores everything in a PostgreSQL database. At present, it uses a timestamp with time zone. That started in the days when commits were done in PST and my machine was in EST. I thought it best to store the timezone information. It was easier than converting to UTC, or so I thought.

> Another idea is to run the server or process in UTC instead of

I think I may leave the server in PST but change the database field to be without a timezone. The input data is already in UTC, so all I need to do is strip away the timezone and we're done.

I think that idea most because it allows me to let the user specify the time adjustment value themselves, thereby converting UTC to the time of their preference.

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