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 Where is OpenLDAP23
Author: Klaus_1250 
Date:   10-02-05 15:59

I wanted to add OpenLDAP23-* to my watchlist (currently using 22), but I cannot seem to find it. Only 21 and 22 are listed, while /usr/ports/net contains 21, 22 and 23 :-?

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 Re: Where is OpenLDAP23
Author: Dan 
Date:   20-04-05 02:31

I don't see it here:

[dan@polo:/usr/ports/net] $ ls -d openldap*
openldap21-client openldap21-sasl-server openldap22-client openldap22-sasl-server
openldap21-sasl-client openldap21-server openldap22-sasl-client openldap22-server
[dan@polo:/usr/ports/net] $

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 Re: Where is OpenLDAP23
Author: Dan 
Date:   20-04-05 14:32

It was in CVS, but never comitted to the tree, hence, not an "official" port.

See for details.

FreshPorts knows only about ports for which a commit has been processed.

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