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 How to Handle Stale Dependencies?
Author: Bob Perry 
Date:   09-11-03 02:55


Just ran my weekly cvsup program followed by portsbd -Uu. Tried running portversion -l and received a message indicating that I should run pkgdb -F to deal with a stale dependency.

Stale dependency: sgmlformat-1.7_2 -> docbook-3.1_2 (textproc/docbook-310):
docbook-xsl-1.62.3 (score:43%) ? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [no]

My understanding here is that the port has recorded docbook-3.1_2, as the new dependency but the one installed is docbook-xsl-1.62.3. And, if I select "no" the new dependency will be recognized as the correct one. I ran pkg_info on the sgmlformat-1.7_2 port and found the following:

R-deps: docbook-1.2_1 docbook-241_2 docbook-3.0_2 docbook-3.1_2 docbook-4.0_2 do cbook-4.1_2 iso8879-1986_2 jade-1.2.1_5 linuxdoc-1.1_1 xmlcatmgr-1.1

I assumed that the 6 docbooks now replaced docbook-xsl-1.62.3 (?) and returned to the prompt in the pkgdb program and indicated "no". This was followed by:

New dependency? (? to help):

Wasn't sure how to respond, so I aborted the program and ran pkgdb -Fa which didn't fix the dependencies either. It did, however repeat the stale dependency prompt for all 6 of the docbook dependencies shown above.

Can anyone help me understand what the program is looking for at the new dependency prompt? I was about to respond with a delete command but wasnt' sure what I would be deleting (No guts). I did backup /var/db/pkg.

If this not the appropriate forum, I apologize.

Thank you.

Bob Perry

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 Resolved--How to Handle Stale Dependencies?
Author: Robert Perry 
Date:   24-01-04 15:33

Immediate problem resolved. Just need a better understanding of the portupgrade process, however.


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 Re: Resolved--How to Handle Stale Dependencies?
Author: JunkMale 
Date:   25-01-04 00:46

Would you like to explain it more here so others know?

Dan Langille - webmaster

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