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 python fails
Author: jplock 
Date:   11-03-04 19:32

After portrevision #3 of lang/python, my ports install of mail/mailman no longer works because it complains that python can't find the socket module (both of these port installs were working fine prior to this latest portrevision and were able to be upgradeable [via portupgrade]). I've tried rebuilding python several times and each time I receive this error during the build process:

*** WARNING: renaming "_socket" since importing it failed: build/lib.freebsd-4.9-RELEASE-i386-2.3/ Undefined symbol "__h_errno"

Anyone else getting this? I emailed the port maintainer but he has not returned my email.


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 Re: python fails
Author: Justin 
Date:   12-03-04 12:38

Figured it out. I guess apparently, I had installed the dns/bind8 port a few weeks ago with the PORT_REPLACES_BASE_BIND8=yes make option. The /usr/include/netdb.h file that this port uses to overwrite the default freebsd netdb.h doesn't properly set the __h_errno variable. To fix this, I had to copy /usr/src/include/netdb.h back over the /usr/include/netdb.h. After that, everything compiled successfully again.

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