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 Help I cannot work this out.
Author: Brocy 
Date:   15-02-05 07:17

I have had free-bsb 5.0-current installed for about 2 years and cannot work out why I cannot ad packages through sysinstall.

I have also tried this which has given me a bit more insight.

bugger# pkg_add -r portfwd
Error: FTP Unable to get File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)
pkg_add: unable to fetch '' by URL

When I use sysinstall I get an error INDEX not found.
I have tried setting the options to "5.3-current" and "any".

Any ideas.

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 Re: Help I cannot work this out.
Author: thebee 
Date:   22-02-05 18:50

I have the same problem trying to get the kd3 pkg to add. I tried to FTP into the place its trying to grab the pkg from and the i386 folder doesnt even exist.

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 Re: Help I cannot work this out.
Author: V.Chukharev 
Date:   27-02-05 14:14

Short (and rude) answer:

1) Read ,
(All of the Chapter 4 and all of the Chapter 19. It's not rocket science, but needs
some attention.)
2) Install cvsup and portupgrade.
3) Upgrade the system to RELENG_5_3
and don't forget to read /usr/src/UPDATING ).
4) Update ports with cvsup.
5) Read /usr/ports/UPDATING for special cases.
6) Use portupgrade for upgrades of ports. See Chapter 4.5 and man portupgrade for

Best regards,

PS. Hardly this is the best place for a question like yours.
PPS. There is no 5.3-CURRENT any more, it's 6-CURRENT now.
sysinstall(1) is meant to deal with its own version only. It is not even updated
from source with the world by default, though I didn't check this lately.
Since 5.0 the ports system changed quite a bit, you really better upgrade the
world for fresh ports.

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