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 ImageMagick Installation
Author: Aaron 
Date:   04-04-05 14:56


I'm new to FreeBSD. Infact, ImageMagick was the first package that I have installed.

I installed it last night, into the /usr/ports/graphics/ directory. All good.

Today I installed a php script called Gallery on the server in question, and started to have issues with uploading images. I checked the FAQ and this was a documented FreeBSD specific problem.

Anyway, It gave directions on how to start from scratch and install Image Properly using the correct commands:

make -DWITH_JPEG -DWITH_TIFF -DWITH_PNG install clean

However this is where I hit a wall and ended up just deinstalling the package and removing the ImageMagick directory from /usr/ports/graphics so I could start over.

I went to pkg_add ImageMagick, but forgot to do this from the correct directory.

Everything works OK. The Gallery has found it and uploads are sweet. My only concern is WHERE ImageMagick is installed now. It's not in /usr/ports/graphics.

Here's what I get when I do a find for ImageMagick:

Anyone know where exactly it is installed? And should I be worried that it isn't installed in the ports directory?


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 Re: ImageMagick Installation
Author: Aaron 
Date:   04-04-05 14:57

BTW, if anyone can tell me how to uninstall ImageMagick looking at the above, so I can start over in the ports directory, I would be grateful.

I would rather keep the system neat I suppose.

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 Re: ImageMagick Installation
Author: Henry C 
Date:   01-05-05 08:55

New to freshports, and happened by this... Old post, but wondering maybe you might still need help?

Need to straighten somethings out first...
"I installed it last night, into the /usr/ports/graphics/ directory. "
What do you mean?

You don't install anything into /usr/ports/
And to remove it, you don't delete the directory... You just `make clean`, and `make deinstall` to uninstall a port

And you shouldn't be worried if you delete anything in /usr/ports... The next time you update your ports tree with cvsup it will just redownload and resync your ports tree

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 Re: ImageMagick Installation
Author: Helping Hand 
Date:   02-05-05 18:41

It sounds like he's confusing the difference between ports and packages.
He wanted to install from ports with a customized config but instead installed a pre-built package.
I guess the answer he needs is that everything is still "neat" and that the mext time you do a full cvs update on your ports, it will re-download the directories you deleted.


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