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 4.1.11 Upgrade
Author: Kaan 
Date:   17-04-05 08:25

Hi all.

I'm a J2EE developer who does not understand BSD systems at administrator level at this time.

Becouse of "possible" connection pool problems occured with Hibernate and MySQL 4.1.5-gamma I want to upgrade my MySQL to 4.1.11

I checked, FreshPorts has a 4.1.11 port.

As I understood, I ran the following command with making neccasary changes in cvs-supfile:
/usr/local/bin/cvsup /usr/share/examples/cvsup/cvs-supfile

But when i type the "distfiles" under /usr/ports/databases/mysql41-server:
# cat distinfo
MD5 (mysql-4.1.5-gamma.tar.gz) = 93ad89451363586634679458acd11625
SIZE (mysql-4.1.5-gamma.tar.gz) = 19436415

As you see it still says 4.1.5. Shouldn't it be 4.1.11 ?

And even if it was 4.1.11, is there a command like "make upgrade" to upgrade mysql automatically? I know there is not "make upgrade" for mysql41-server, becouse:
# make upgrade
make: don't know how to make upgrade. Stop

But there should be something like that, BSD makes everything so simple.

The system I'm doing these is not a test enviroment and I do not want to risk it. I'm waiting all of yours recommendations.

Thank in advance.

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 4.1.11 Upgrade   new
Kaan 17-04-05 08:25 
 Re: 4.1.11 Upgrade   new
Dan 17-04-05 12:57 

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