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 Updating Firefox
Author: whetphish 
Date:   21-10-05 22:22


I'm quite new to FreeBSD and thought I'd update Firefox from 1.0.3 to the latest version (1.0.7 according to I uninstalled the old version using pkg_delete and added the new version using "pkg_add -r firefox" as it says to do on the Freshports page.

Everything looked as if it had installed properly, but on running Firefox it still says I'm using the old version (1.0.3). Is there any preliminary configuring that I should have done before hand to get the latest version?

If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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 Re: Updating Firefox
Author: whetphish 
Date:   22-10-05 00:05

Okay, I'm half way there (I think!).

I am using the release version of FreeBSD 5.4 so pkg_add would only install files relating to that release rather than the latest version from the stable release.

I set the PACKAGESITE environment variable to and tried again. This time it did install the latest version. However, it complained that it needed the latest versions of pkgconfig, expat, gettext, etc. etc. etc.

Is there any way of updating all of these packages with one easy command or am I looking at a reinstall of FreeBSD? :(

Please help me - I think I'm going to cry! :'(


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 Re: Updating Firefox
Author: moisesluis 
Date:   03-04-12 14:29

save yourself problems, use chrome;)


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 Re: Updating Firefox
Author: Dan 
Date:   03-04-12 14:52

You know you're responding to a post from 2005?

The Man Behind The Curtain

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