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 File searching utility
Author: n0dl 
Date:   08-12-06 18:19

Is there a utility that allows me to search for a certain file that is included amongst the many ports (say a lib file for example)? pkg_which simply searches ports that are installed.

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 Re: File searching utility
Author: Dan 
Date:   08-12-06 18:29

So you want to know what ports, regardless of whether or not they are installed on your machine, use a given file? Correct?

Perhaps the answer to this question will help us solve this for you. Why? Why do you want such a utility?

Issues: ports have differents options, which means that a given file may or not not be included, depending upon the option.

The Man Behind The Curtain

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 Re: File searching utility
Author: n0dl 
Date:   08-12-06 21:41

Well I am trying to run a program called milkytracker ( who's freebsd port is only avaible as a binary. Whenever I try to run the program I get an error saying
/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "milkytracker.freebsd-x86"
So I tried installing just about every port with SDL in it (SDL sound SDL linux image etc) to no avail. I have tried running ldconfig to no avail. I contacted the developer only for him to tell me: "compile the libSDL library. I forgot which one." So I'm stuck here with a binary that doesnt work scratching my head as to which port contains this very file. Googling libSDL shows that Mplayer somehow has it as a dependecy but I don't want nor need mplayer.

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 Re: File searching utility
Author: pparada 
Date:   11-12-06 22:38

I don't know of a search utility, but I do know where went.
In version 1.2.9xxx of /usr/ports/devel/sdl12 one of the installed files was
/usr/local/lib/ . However, as of versions 1.2.11xxx
this guy is replaced by /usr/local/lib/ .

Since you have a precompiled binary of whatever, you might try 2 things.
1. cd /usr/local/lib/
ln -s

If you are lucky, the program will run anyway.

2. If you are not lucky, investigate /usr/ports/sysutils/portdowngrade.

It will help in downgrading to a version of sdl12 with the lib you need
without too much pain. (any of the 1.2.9 versions, I'm pretty sure).

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