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Some details on the 2023-01-16 website outage.
We just rebooted with several updates: * new HMTLify code * no port maintainer is now highly visible (e.g. * fixed search logic error when using plain/ text details at
non port: ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-1702

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Fri, 31 May 2019
[ 09:54 bapt search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:503131
Update to 1.11

  * better ABI name on linux
  * lots of changes in internal API to use fd when possible
  * 410.pkg-audit now uses anticongestion on freebsd 12+
  * completion improvements
  * add an extra line when printing pkg-messages to improve readability
  * add %q to pkg_printf(3) and pkg-query(8) to print altabi
  * make pkg version -r imply -R
  * New build system based on autosetup
  * pkg is now a semi static binary
  * Add 3 new aliases:
    - rall-depends: showing depenencies of a non installed package
    - rcomment: showing only the comment of a non installed package
    - rdesc: showing only the description of a non installed package
  * close stdin when running scripts
  * Tons of bug fixes
  * removed option: pkg repo -L
  * removed script: pkg2ng
Mon, 20 Aug 2018
[ 16:53 brd search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:477662
Add a small patch to pkg to fix NULL check in pkg_is_config_file().

This helps pkgbase users with recent updates.

Approved by:	bapt

Number of commits found: 2