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non port: print/apsfilter/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 17

Thursday, 13 Nov 2014
07:41 antoine search for other commits by this committer
Cleanup plist
Original commitRevision:372510 
Friday, 9 May 2014
00:20 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Support stage
Original commitRevision:353378 
Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014
23:40 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Fix properties on pkg-plist
Original commitRevision:340674 
Sunday, 28 Apr 2013
13:40 hrs search for other commits by this committer
- Convert script/configure and to OPTIONS_DEFINE.
- Add DOCS option and use PORTDOCS.
- Trim lengthy pkg-descr.
Original commitRevision:316720 
Sunday, 9 Jul 2006
16:34 andreas search for other commits by this committer
Update to new version 7.2.8
New features: can play audio files.
lpd then acts like a jukebox.
Remote Audio printing/playing is at experimental stage (untested).
Theoretically it should be possible that multiple print clients
feed the central print server with sound card with audio files.
Original commit
Saturday, 17 Jun 2006
13:20 itetcu search for other commits by this committer
- depend on net/samba3 instead of old, forbiden net/samba [1] [2]
- pet portlint [3]
- pkg-message -> files/ and add to SUB_LIST [3]
- bump PROTREVISION for depends change [3]

PR:             ports/98456 [1], ports/99066 [2]
Submitted by:   Shaun Amott <> [1],
                Gerard E. Seibert <> [2]
                itetcu (me) [3]
Approved by:    andreas@ (maintainer, implicit because unreachable at the
Original commit
Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003
15:19 andreas search for other commits by this committer
fix pkg-plist

PR:             46641
Submitted by:   Bjoern A.Zeeb <>
Original commit
Tuesday, 29 Oct 2002
08:48 andreas search for other commits by this committer
I recommend you to upgrade to this new version
* update to apsfilter 7.2.3
* contains two major bugfixes
  a) printing using newest HP IJS driver is fixed (PR 37085)
     the fix has been taken from other source but PR should be resolved
  b) printing to a remote windows printer via samba is fixed
     there was a nasty typo in the apsfilter script ($SMP_IP -> $SMB_IP)
* other changes
- new gimp-print driver / ijsgimpprint
- add new pretty command to set text-to-PostScript highlight level
- fix "remote copies" parameter to lpr
- clean up template apsfilterrc
* FreeBSD/port related things:
- could close all problems report
- PR 34153: fixed configure script: a permanent runtime dependency
  to bzip2 is inappropriate on FreeBSD systems that have bzip2 in
  the base system.
* For a list of all changes please look at ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file

PR:             34153, 37085
Original commit
Sunday, 24 Feb 2002
21:33 andreas search for other commits by this committer
- new apsfilter version 7.2.2 - bugfix release !   - please upgrade   - updated
pkg-plist to match reality   - tested packaging   Changes:   - replace awk
"duplex" function with psset call   - adjust psnup rotation to various
converters     for landscape mode   - add landscape option to enscript command
line   - introduce IGNORE_LPD_RAW variable to please buggy     spoolers that
send jobs in raw mode   - sanitize ": ${foo:-bar}" to ": ${foo:=bar}"   - make
n{c}print line whitespace-safe   - save return code in global temporary file   -
typo in wmf2eps line   - make apspreview use global "restrictions" file   - get
basedir in SETUP from configure   - protect $foo[bar] contructs from being
expanded     to array elements by zsh   - add "-dPARANOIDSAFER" for gs7.04
(harmless for all     older releases)   - save "rm" and "rp" in SETUP.cfg   -
add some hints w.r.t landscape and n-up in handbook   - remove media types in
scripts for some PCL printers   - be more helpful with "invalid method"   -
LaserJet 4L needs fixed 300dpi   - LN macro in Makefile needs -n switch -- we
must     create a directory link even if one exists already   - add .PHONY
targets in Makefiles   - MAPPING update   - change email address in various
places   new driver scripts:   -  ljet4l, pips/sc70s, pips/sc80s, stp/pcl-2,
Original commit
Friday, 11 Jan 2002
08:28 andreas search for other commits by this committer
Update Prio: high (because of driver and other fixes, see below)    
Original commit
Saturday, 29 Dec 2001
21:52 andreas search for other commits by this committer
Update to apsfilter version 7.1.1    
Original commit
Sunday, 16 Dec 2001
20:30 andreas search for other commits by this committer
New apsfilter version 7.0.1   - patch-SETUP is included in 7.0.1 (we don't
provide insane defaults anymore)   - support for HPIJS V 1.0 ("IJS" driver)   -
still supporting old HPIJS driver ("HPIJS" driver)   - some more sanity checks
in SETUP (check is print device is character special)   - added bjc800 driver
script, since it differs to bjc600 printer   - format of MAPFILE documented   -
handbook has been updated   - compatible to 7.0.0 version, so old entries and
spooldirs should work     after upgrade has been made    
Original commit
Sunday, 9 Dec 2001
18:57 andreas search for other commits by this committer
update apsfilter to new version 7.0, here a short summary,   see ANNOUNCE and
ChangeLog for a complete list:   - supports fully ghostscript7   - enhanced
driver support, hpijs, pips, latest gimp-print, etc ...   - per driver scripts,
where printer manufacturer *could* place     their driver/scripts, the case
structure wasn't scaleable anymore     an led to incomplete support or to large
apsfilter script   - unified command-line options, see handbook   - support for
HARDWARE_COPIES if your printer can print multiple copies     himself   - option
settings can be restricted by the administrator for all printer     or print
queues (maybe to save print costs on color printers ...)   - support for many
new filetypes   - print contens of archives: tar, cpio, ar, zip, zoo ...   -
security: update for duplex print keys   - separate faq has gone, everything is
in the handbook   - error messages can be sent to user now via Cc:   - no bugs
so far ;-)    
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Mar 2001
15:46 andreas search for other commits by this committer
update to new apsfilter version 6.1.0   all from -current has been merged after
a long testing period.   See the ANNOUNCE file for the long list of bugfixes,
security,   feature and code enhancements.    
Original commit
Saturday, 17 Mar 2001
17:09 andreas search for other commits by this committer
merged everything from apsfilter-current   see new handbook !!!   update to
apsfilter 6.1.0 BETA   if everything is right I'll tag and roll apsfilter 6.1.0 
 bumped PORTREVISION    
Original commit
Saturday, 23 Dec 2000
18:58 andreas search for other commits by this committer
Update old apsfilter-stable with V 6.0.0 from new stable-branch.  
Original commit
13:28 andreas search for other commits by this committer
die apsfilter5, long live apsfilter6 ;-)   Just released the new version 6.0.0
Original commit

Number of commits found: 17