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non port: print/auctex/pkg-plist

Number of commits found XX: 24

Sun, 12 Jan 2020
[ 15:01 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:522790
522790 print/auctex/Makefile
522790 print/auctex/distinfo
522790 print/auctex/files/
522790 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 12.2.
Wed, 11 Jan 2017
[ 09:13 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:431166
431166 print/auctex/Makefile
431166 print/auctex/distinfo
431166 print/auctex/files/
431166 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.90.
Sat, 22 Aug 2015
[ 17:48 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:395047
395047 MOVED
395047 Mk/Uses/
395047 cad/xcircuit/Makefile
395047 comms/efax-gtk/Makefile
395047 comms/hylafax/Makefile
395047 comms/tkhylafax/Makefile
395047 deskutils/etask/Makefile
395047 devel/aegis/Makefile
395047 devel/doxygen/Makefile

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- Split ghostscript into X11-independent and -dependent parts:

 * print/ghostscript{7,8,9,9-agpl}-base

   Installs Ghostscript binary, libgs, and related files.
   These ports do not depend on X11 libraries (i.e. x11* devices
   are not available).  USES=ghostscript will set dependency on
   one of them depending on GHOSTSCRIPT_DEFAULT.

   The default device is set to "display" or "bbox".

 * print/ghostscript{7,8,9,9-agpl}-x11

   Installs a shared library which provides X11 support to
   the installed Ghostscript binaries.  x11* devices will be
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Thu, 13 Nov 2014
[ 07:41 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:372510
372510 print/abc2mtex/pkg-plist
372510 print/adobe-cmaps/pkg-plist
372510 print/afm/pkg-plist
372510 print/alignmargins/pkg-plist
372510 print/apsfilter/pkg-plist
372510 print/auctex/pkg-plist
372510 print/cdlabelgen/pkg-plist
372510 print/cloudprint/pkg-plist
372510 print/cm-super/pkg-plist
372510 print/cups-base/pkg-plist

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Cleanup plist
Mon, 3 Nov 2014
[ 14:50 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:372113
372113 print/auctex/Makefile
372113 print/auctex/distinfo
372113 print/auctex/files/
372113 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.88.
Tue, 3 Jun 2014
[ 19:32 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:356395
356395 print/auctex/Makefile
356395 print/auctex/files/
356395 print/auctex/pkg-message
356395 print/auctex/pkg-plist
- STAGEDIR support.
- Simplify PORT_OPTIONS handling.
- Fix pkg-plist and remove extra mktexlsr(1).
- Fix pkg-message.
Tue, 21 Jan 2014
[ 23:40 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:340674
340674 deskutils/adesklets/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/freemind/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/labyrinth/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/org-mode.el/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/teapot/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-latex/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-reminder/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy-plugin-todo/pkg-plist
340674 deskutils/tomboy/pkg-plist
340674 devel/apache-ant/pkg-plist

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Fix properties on pkg-plist
Tue, 1 Jan 2013
[ 23:35 hrs ] Original commit   Revision:309795
309795 print/auctex/Makefile
309795 print/auctex/distinfo
309795 print/auctex/pkg-plist
- Update to 11.87.

PR:		ports/174223
Submitted by:	Jan Henrik Sylvester
Wed, 19 Jan 2011
[ 02:19 hrs ] Original commit 
1.38 print/auctex/Makefile
1.16 print/auctex/distinfo
1.2 print/auctex/files/
1.17 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.86.  Changes:

* Parsing of LaTeX output was improved.  It is now less likely that
  AUCTeX opens a non-existent file upon calling `TeX-next-error'; a
  problem for example encountered when using MiKTeX 2.8.  In addition
  quoted file names as emitted by MiKTeX are now supported.

* A new framework for the definition and selection of viewers was
  implemented.  If you have customizations regarding viewers you
  will have to redo them in this new framework or reenable the old
  one.  See the section on viewers in the manual for details.

* Comprehensive editing support for PSTricks was added.

* Support for various LaTeX packages was added, e.g. `tabularx',
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Sat, 19 Jul 2008
[ 15:05 hrs ] Original commit 
1.34 print/auctex/Makefile
1.15 print/auctex/distinfo
1.1 print/auctex/files/
1.16 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.85.  Changes include:

- Font locking has been improved significantly.  It is now less
  prone to color bleeding which could lead to high resource
  usage.  In addition it now includes information about LaTeX
  macro syntax and can indicate syntactically incorrect macros in
  LaTeX mode.

- The license was updated to GPLv3.

- Support for the nomencl, flashcards and comment LaTeX packages
  as well as the Icelandic language option of babel were added.

- Support for folding of math macros was added.
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Sun, 8 Apr 2007
[ 13:24 hrs ] Original commit 
1.29 print/auctex/Makefile
1.14 print/auctex/distinfo
1.15 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.84.  Changes include:

   * There have been problems with the `-without-texmf-dir' option to
     `configure' when the value of `-with-kpathsea-sep' was set or
     determined for an installation system with a default different
     from that of the runtime system.  `with-kpathsea-sep' has been
     removed; the setting is now usually determined at runtime.

     Due to this and other problems, preview-latex in the released
     XEmacs package failed under Windows or with anything except recent
     21.5 XEmacsen.

   * AUCTeX and preview-latex have been changed in order to accommodate
     file names containing spaces.  preview-latex now tolerates bad
     PostScript code polluting the stack (like some Omega fonts).
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Sun, 25 Jun 2006
[ 17:28 hrs ] Original commit 
1.28 print/auctex/Makefile
1.13 print/auctex/distinfo
1.14 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.83.  Changes include:

- The new function `TeX-doc' provides easy access to documentation about
  commands and packages or information related to TeX and friends in
  general.  It is accessible with the key binding `C-c ?'  or the `Find
  Documentation...' entry in the mode menus.

- You can now get rid of generated intermediate and output files by
  means of the new `Clean' and `Clean All' entries in `TeX-command-list'
  accessible with `C-c C-c' or the Command menu.

- Support for forward search with PDF files was added.  That means you
  can jump to a place in the output file corresponding to the position
  in the source file.  Currently this only works if you use the pdfsync
  LaTeX package and xpdf as your PDF viewer.  The accuracy is in the
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Tue, 20 Dec 2005
[ 05:38 hrs ] Original commit 
1.26 print/auctex/Makefile
1.12 print/auctex/distinfo
1.13 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.82.  Changes include:

 * Support for the MinionPro LaTeX package was added.

 * Warnings and underfull/overfull boxes are now being indicated in
   the echo area after a LaTeX run, if the respective debugging
   options are activated with `TeX-toggle-debug-warnings' (`C-c C-t
   C-w') or `TeX-toggle-debug-bad-boxes' (`C-c C-t C-b').  In this
   case `TeX-next-error' will find these warnings in addition to
   normal errors.

   The key binding `C-c C-w' for `TeX-toggle-debug-bad-boxes' (which
   was renamed from `TeX-toggle-debug-boxes') now is deprecated.

 * AUCTeX now can automatically insert a pair of braces after typing
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Fri, 30 Sep 2005
[ 05:46 hrs ] Original commit 
1.24 print/auctex/Makefile
1.12 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Fix the missing dependency and pkg-plist.

Spotted by:     KIMURA Yasuhiro
PR:             ports/86734
Wed, 28 Sep 2005
[ 06:54 hrs ] Original commit 
1.23 print/auctex/Makefile
1.11 print/auctex/distinfo
1.11 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.81.
Sun, 6 Feb 2005
[ 16:41 hrs ] Original commit 
1.22 print/auctex/Makefile
1.10 print/auctex/distinfo
1.3 print/auctex/files/
1.5 print/auctex/pkg-descr
1.10 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.55[1] and mark as NOT_FOR_ARCHS=ia64[2].

PR:             ports/76474[1]
Submitted by:   KIMURA Yasuhiro (yasu at utahime dot org)[1]
Noticed by:     kris[2]
Sat, 21 Aug 2004
[ 07:39 hrs ] Original commit 
1.19 print/auctex/Makefile
1.9 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Install contrib files.

Submitted by:   KIMURA Yasuhiro
PR:             ports/70754
Fri, 20 Aug 2004
[ 18:53 hrs ] Original commit 
1.18 print/auctex/Makefile
1.7 print/auctex/distinfo
1.4 print/auctex/files/patch-aa
1.3 print/auctex/files/patch-ab
1.2 print/auctex/files/patch-doc-Makefile
1.2 print/auctex/files/patch-doc-auc-tex.texi
1.1 print/auctex/files/
1.8 print/auctex/pkg-plist
- Update to 11.51.
- Fix the install directory[*].

Submitted by:   KIMURA Yasuhiro[*]
PR:             68250[*]
Sun, 23 May 2004
[ 21:23 pav ] Original commit 
1.15 print/auctex/Makefile
1.6 print/auctex/distinfo
1.2 print/auctex/files/patch-ab
1.1 print/auctex/files/patch-doc-Makefile
1.1 print/auctex/files/patch-doc-auc-tex.texi
1.2 print/auctex/pkg-message
1.7 print/auctex/pkg-plist
- Update to 11.14

PR:             ports/67043
Submitted by:   KIMURA Yasuhiro <>
Wed, 8 Jan 2003
[ 08:36 yoichi ] Original commit 
1.10 print/auctex/Makefile
1.4 print/auctex/distinfo
1.3 print/auctex/pkg-descr
1.6 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 11.13
Tue, 23 Apr 2002
[ 12:48 yoichi ] Original commit 
1.8 print/auctex/Makefile
1.3 print/auctex/distinfo
1.3 print/auctex/files/patch-aa
1.2 print/auctex/pkg-descr
1.5 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to auctex 11.11.
Although it is not yet declared as out of alpha by the distributor,
it is stable enough and now we can recommend it for FreeBSD users.
Sat, 20 Apr 2002
[ 13:22 yoichi ] Original commit 
1.7 print/auctex/Makefile
1.4 print/auctex/pkg-plist
Take maintainership.
Make it to install contrib files.

Approved by: (previous maintainer)
Mon, 4 Feb 2002
[ 10:22 yoichi ] Original commit 
unknown print/auctex/Makefile
unknown print/auctex/pkg-plist
Use Emacs21 by default.   Terminate XEmacs support
(ports/editors/xemacs-packages includes auctex).   Arrange Makefile with    
Wed, 6 Jun 2001
[ 19:19 roam ] Original commit 
unknown print/auctex/Makefile
unknown print/auctex/distinfo
unknown print/auctex/files/patch-aa
unknown print/auctex/pkg-plist
Update to 10.0g.    

Number of commits found XX: 24

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