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non port: science/at/files/patch-aa

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Sun, 9 Oct 2011
[ 02:47 dougb ] Original commit (Only the first 10 of 299 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove ports maintainted by ports@ which have passed their EXPIRATION_DATE

astro/gkrellsun         Abandonware
astro/xrmap             No more distfiles
audio/midimountain      Abandonware
audio/gkrellmss         Abandonware
audio/gnapster          Abandonware
databases/xbase         No more public distfiles
databases/xbsql         No more public distfiles
games/gtkabale          No more public distfiles
games/battleball        No more public distfiles, does not compile on ia64 or
games/race              No more public distfiles
games/stvef-paks        No more public distfiles
games/stvef-server      No more public distfiles
games/tome              No more public distfiles
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Fri, 12 Jan 2007
[ 08:47 maho ] Original commit 
* Migrate to gfortran.
* Bump port revision.
* Build fix as well

Reported by:    kris.
Mon, 8 Sep 2003
[ 12:45 edwin ] Original commit 
New port: science/at Acoustic ToolBox

        The Acoustic ToolBox includes four acoustic models:

           BELLHOP: A beam/ray trace code
           KRAKEN:  A normal mode code
           SCOOTER: A finite element FFP code
           SPARC:   A time domain FFP code

        A common input structure has been used throughout so that
        only minor modifications are needed to switch from one
        program to another.

        All the models produce shade files which can be processed
        using a common set of plotting routines to plot transmission
        loss vs. range or vs. range and depth.  These plotting
        routines are contained in the GLOBAL directory.

PR:             ports/42378
Submitted by:   Heiner Strauss <>

Number of commits found: 3