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Number of commits: 43
Sat, 25 May 2019
[ 18:07 cem ] Original commit 
terminology 1.4.1 x11 files touched by this commit EFL Terminal Emulator
x11/terminology: Update to 1.4.1

Approved by:	jrm
Differential Revision:
Wed, 22 May 2019
[ 17:34 cem ] Original commit 
dpdk 18.05.1 net  Ignore files touched by this commit DPDK: Software libraries for packet processing
net/dpdk: Fix build after r347984

Address missing implicit includes removed as a header pollution cleanup in
r347984.  Apologies that this wasn't addressed in advance; my spot check
ahead of time seems to have been against the wrong kernel source tree.

I have submitted the same changes to upstream dpdk:

Reviewed by:	mat
Approved by:	mat
Differential Revision:
Mon, 1 Apr 2019
[ 16:52 cem ] Original commit 
terminology 1.4.0 x11 files touched by this commit EFL Terminal Emulator
x11/terminology: Update to 1.4.0

Fix some existing port style issues while here.

Reviewed by:	0mp (earlier version), jrm
Approved by:	jrm
Differential Revision:
Fri, 8 Mar 2019
[ 16:10 cem ] Original commit 
chromium 72.0.3626.121_1 www files touched by this commit Google web browser based on WebKit
www/chromium: Remove reference to obsolete FreeBSD

As the removed message says, this has been the default since 11.0. 11.0 itself
is EOL, as is anything older than it.

Reviewed by:	cpm
Approved by:	cpm
Differential Revision:
Number of commits: 43
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