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non port: security/amavis-perl/Makefile

Number of commits found: 16

Thursday, 28 Feb 2008
01:07 miwi search for other commits by this committer
2007-11-22 x11-themes/indubstrial: yes
2008-01-14 x11-themes/gtk-smooth-engine: Redundant port (now included in
gtk-engines), no release since 2005
2007-09-21 security/amavis-perl: depends on misc/compat3x, which has security
2007-12-31 sysutils/cdbakeoven: Abandonware
2008-01-04 net/gnu-finger: no active development and known security
2007-11-16 misc/seizedesktop: development stalled for years, outdated,
Original commit
Sunday, 22 Jul 2007
08:38 linimon search for other commits by this committer
Mark ports that depend on misc/compat3x as deprecated.  If anyone wants to
update these to later versions, they should do so now.
Original commit
Sunday, 3 Dec 2006
12:45 demon search for other commits by this committer
Correct path to after recent p5-Compress-Zlib update.
Original commit
Saturday, 21 Jan 2006
17:37 krion search for other commits by this committer
- Fix 'all-depends-list' target in cases if dependencies list is
  very long and if some dependencies can't be added into the list.

- Fix FAM support.  Make gamin the default FAM system. [2]

- Introduce new 'quicksearch' target to show only port, path and
  info section of the matching ports. [3]

- Introduce new category - rubygems. [4]

- Fix stale dependencies while installing qmail slaveport and
  another port that depends on qmail. [5]

- Add commentary for describes target in [6]

- Fix warning issued during make index on archs !368. [7]

- Add USE_DOS2UNIX variable.  If set to "YES", remove the ^M from
  all files under ${WRKSRC}. If set to a string, remove in all files
  under ${WRKSRC} with one of these names the ^Ms. [8]

- Add new variables PERL_RUN_DEPENDS and PERL_BUILD_DEPENDS by
  checking the existance of the Perl modules with the "perl -e 'use
  module;'" command. [9]

- Fix variable quoting issues.  No quoting is necessary
  anymore either in the Makefile or on the command line.  Affected
  variables include:



- Add NOFETCHFILES variable.  If set, don't download these files
  from the ${MASTER_SITES} or ${MASTER_SITE_BACKUP} (but do from

- Improve 'search' target output. [12]

- Add a new virtual category for Amateur Radio - hamradio. [13]

- Cleanup some old/unused pathes in [14]

- Add @dirrmtry for plists which does the same as:
  "@unexec rmdir %D/foo 2>/dev/null || true" [15]

- Remove virtual category - offix. [16]

- Use portsnap instead of cvsup or cvs on "make update" in
  /usr/ports. [17]

- Move location of within [18]

- Add, fix INSTALLS_SHLIB for Linux ports [19]

- Use new USE_RC_SUBR format for FreeBSD version >= 700007 [20]

- Replace the string "FreeBSD" by "The FreeBSD Project" in the
  security warning [21]

- Add for local modification to ports framework. [22]

- Replace rcNG spelling by rc.d [23]

- Remove superfluous USE_REINPLACE. [24]

Special thanks to:      linimon for spending hours with all these patches
                        clement for fixes
                        kris for help with pointyhat
PR:     ports/86310 [1], ports/89498 [2], ports/83530 [3],
        ports/83789 [4], ports/84053 [5], ports/86281 [6],
        ports/87214 [7], ports/87234 [8], ports/87318 [9],
        ports/87396 [10], ports/87605 [11], ports/87840 [12],
        ports/88230 [13], ports/88493 [14], ports/88711 [15],
        ports/88751 [16], ports/89281 [17], ports/89999 [18],
        ports/90031 [19], ports/90150 [20], ports/90668 [21],
        ports/91433 [23], ports/88754 [24]
Submitted by:   mi [1], marcus [2], Lars Engels <> [3],
                pav [4, 16, 20, 24], garga [5], cperciva [6], vd [7],
                edwin [8, 9, 11, 15, 21],
                fenner [10], Arseny Nasokin
<> [12],
                Carl Makin <> [13], arved [14],
                NIIMI Satoshi <> [17], thierry [18],
                jylefort [19], linimon [22], dougb [23]
Original commit
Monday, 14 Nov 2005
10:56 edwin search for other commits by this committer
Remove explicit checks for /usr/bin/bzip2.
This has been part of the base OS since 4.4.
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Sep 2005
14:20 erwin search for other commits by this committer
Reset maintainership of Seamus Venasse who has not responded for some time.
Thank you for your efforts in the past!

Noticed by:     tobez
Approved by:    portmgr (self)
Original commit
Tuesday, 25 May 2004
00:04 pav search for other commits by this committer

PR:             ports/67147
Submitted by:   Roman Neuhauser <>
Original commit
Saturday, 28 Feb 2004
17:02 pav search for other commits by this committer
- Add knobs:

PR:             ports/60728
Submitted by:   Fumihiko Kimura <>
Approved by:    maintainer timeout (2 months)
Original commit
Friday, 24 Oct 2003
12:05 ijliao search for other commits by this committer
utilize SITE_PERL

PR:             58166
Submitted by:   Cheng-Lung Sung <>
Original commit
Friday, 21 Feb 2003
13:26 knu search for other commits by this committer
Original commit
Monday, 17 Jun 2002
19:28 ijliao search for other commits by this committer
add support for postfix and exim

PR:             32471
Submitted by:   Martijn Lina <>, TAKEMURA Masahiro
Tested by:      TERAMOTO Masahiro <>, "Julian C.
Dunn" <>
Approved by:    maintainer timeout (1 month since I mailed him)
Original commit
Sunday, 21 Oct 2001
19:47 dwcjr search for other commits by this committer
Update to version 11   Give Seamus Venasse maintainership    
Original commit
Wednesday, 15 Aug 2001
21:33 knu search for other commits by this committer
Conditionalize bzip2 dependencies.    
Original commit
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2001
19:08 will search for other commits by this committer
Update to sync with rev 1.361 - use PORTDOCS that is now in, for easy removal of documentation.  I left alone one port -  
japanese/elisa8x8 (or something like that), because it appeared to have   some
rather weird way of doing PORTDOCS substitution.    
Original commit
17:33 sobomax search for other commits by this committer
Massive style enforcement - use ^I instead of spaces for variables identation.  
Original commit
Sunday, 7 Jan 2001
07:38 will search for other commits by this committer
Add amavis-perl 10, a mail virus scanner (uses external antivirus).    
Original commit

Number of commits found: 16