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non port: security/amavisd/files/

Number of commits found XX: 6

Wed, 18 Jun 2008
[ 23:15 pav ] Original commit 
1.1626 MOVED
1.975 security/Makefile
1.21 security/amavisd/Makefile
1.6 security/amavisd/distinfo
1.6 security/amavisd/files/
1.7 security/amavisd/files/
1.2 security/amavisd/files/patch-README.sendmail
1.3 security/amavisd/files/patch-amavis-av-clamavd
1.2 security/amavisd/files/patch-configure
1.2 security/amavisd/pkg-descr

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- Delete expired security/amavisd port: depends on misc/compat3x, which has
  security problems; old version
Mon, 20 Feb 2006
[ 20:47 dougb ] Original commit 
1.2 audio/autocd/files/
1.5 audio/daapd/files/
1.2 audio/gnump3d/files/
1.3 audio/icecast2/files/
1.2 audio/musicpd/files/
1.4 audio/shoutcast/files/
1.6 audio/slimserver/files/
1.2 comms/ltmdm/files/
1.2 comms/smstools/files/patch-bin_sms
1.2 comms/vpb-driver/files/

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Remove the FreeBSD KEYWORD from all rc.d scripts where it appears.
We have not checked for this KEYWORD for a long time now, so this
is a complete noop, and thus no PORTREVISION bump. Removing it at
this point is mostly for pedantic reasons, and partly to avoid
perpetuating this anachronism by copy and paste to future scripts.
Sat, 7 Jan 2006
[ 06:29 dougb ] Original commit 
1.2 games/kaid/Makefile
1.2 games/kaid/files/
1.29 irc/ircservices/Makefile
1.2 irc/ircservices/files/
1.30 misc/upclient/Makefile
1.7 misc/upclient/files/
1.87 multimedia/ffmpeg-devel/Makefile
1.2 multimedia/ffmpeg-devel/files/
1.53 multimedia/ffmpeg/Makefile
1.2 multimedia/ffmpeg/files/

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Now that new style rc.d scripts are being run as part of the
base rcorder, hard coded variable values in these scripts
are overriding the values in /etc/rc.conf[.local] (due to
the way that variables from the latter are read at boot time).

Therefore, change the boot scripts to set default values only
if the variable is unset in /etc/rc.conf[.local]. This will
allow the service to start at boot time if it's been enabled
as the user would expect.

This change will be a noop for users who have systems that
have not yet been upgraded to the new rc.d code in the base.

In many cases there are other variables in the scripts that
should get similar treatment, however I did not change
anything other than the _enable lines. I'll leave the rest
up to the maintainers to do as they see fit.

Bump PORTREVISION to make sure that users and packages
pick up this change.
Sun, 30 May 2004
[ 11:33 pav ] Original commit 
1.15 security/amavisd/Makefile
1.3 security/amavisd/files/
1.4 security/amavisd/files/
1.1 security/amavisd/files/patch-amavis-av-clamavd
1.1 security/amavisd/files/patch-configure
1.4 security/amavisd/pkg-plist
1.2 security/amavisd/pkg-plist.milter
- Convert rc script to rcng [1]
- Fix build with milter [1, 2]
- Fix default connection method against clamd [3]

PR:             ports/56658 [1], ports/57056 [2], ports/67371 [3]
Submitted by:   Scot W. Hetzel <>,
                Yoshisato YANAGISAWA <>
Fri, 24 May 2002
[ 03:58 ijliao ] Original commit 
1.4 security/amavisd/Makefile
1.2 security/amavisd/files/
1.3 security/amavisd/files/
1. modify startup script: only one of amavisd and amavis-milter will be
   installed, not both.
3. amavisd depends on Net::SMTP, not Net::Telnet

PR:             38469
Submitted by:   Yen-Ming Lee <>
Approved by:    maintainer
Sun, 19 May 2002
[ 19:37 ijliao ] Original commit 
1.3 security/amavisd/Makefile
1.1 security/amavisd/files/
1.2 security/amavisd/files/
1.1 security/amavisd/pkg-plist.milter
add milter support
fix startup script

PR:             38297
Submitted by:   Martin Matuska <>, maintainer

Number of commits found XX: 6

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