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non port: security/antivir-milter/pkg-descr

Number of commits found: 6

Saturday, 2 Sep 2006
21:52 kris search for other commits by this committer
Remove expired ports.
Original commit
Wednesday, 28 Sep 2005
15:41 marius search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 1.1.1-9. For a list of changes since 1.1.0-7 please see the
  installed ChangeLog.
- Remove the references to the no longer available free license key for
  private use from pkg-descr and pkg-message.

Approved by:    netchild
Original commit
Sunday, 10 Jul 2005
15:04 marius search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 1.1.0-7 in order to fix fetching. For a list of changes see
  the installed ChangeLog.
- Silencing the 'cannot access config file "/etc/antivir.conf"' warnings
  by creating a respective symlink.

- AntiVir Milter 1.1.0-7 ships with a faulty anti-virus engine which
  may just exit with the following error when trying to start it:
  cannot access config file "/etc/avguard.conf"
  Please update to the latest anti-virus engine by e.g. running the
  antivirupdater script in order to solve this.
- The future of the free licenses for private use and thus of this
  port currently is uncertain:
  PersonalEdition Classic UNIX: Advance Notice
  We have decided to orient the version 6.32 which will be released on
  September 6, 2005 much more towards the successful PersonalEdition
  Classic Windows.
  This means that version 6.32 will be released with a graphical user
  interface which will make it much easier to work with the program. It
  will also no longer be necessary to register for the program before
  downloading it. With version 6.32 the PersonalEdition Classic UNIX
  will no longer contain any MailGate/Milter functionality.

Approved by:    netchild
Original commit
Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004
18:22 marius search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 1.1 (final). For changes since 1.1-beta see the ChangeLog
  in the DOCSDIR.
- Rename the start script from to to be
  consistent with naming of the rest of the installed AntiVir Milter
  files and directories.
- Now that AntiVir Milter supports using a different location from
  /etc for the ignore, scan and warn config files no longer install
  them in the EXAMPLESDIR but in PREFIX/etc/avmilter (i.e. install
  as sample files, copy over when not already existent, etc.).
- Change the location of the AntiVir Milter config file (avmilter.conf)
  but not that of the scan engine (antivir.conf; shared between different
  AntiVir products) from PREFIX/etc to PREFIX/etc/avmilter in order to
  have all AntiVir Milter config files in one place but don't directly
  populate PREFIX/etc with them.

If you had previously changed PREFIX/etc/avmilter.conf you have to
bring over your changes to PREFIX/etc/avmilter/avmilter.conf but note
that some variables have been renamed. If you used ignore, scan and/or
warn files in /etc you can now move them to PREFIX/etc/avmilter.

Approved by:    netchild
Original commit
Tuesday, 14 Oct 2003
16:04 netchild search for other commits by this committer
- H+BEDV GmbH released a new tarball shipping an updated anti-virus engine
  ( -> and a current virus definition file (
  If you are using the auto-update functionality you should already have
  these updated versions.
- Mention the AntiVir Bulletin Board (support) in the DESCR.
- Make the antivirupdater script behave like described in the documentation
  (pass command line arguments to antivir).
- Make the avq script check for uid == 0, the avmilter spool directory can't
  be read without sufficient permissions.

Submitted by:   maintainer
Original commit
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2003
13:47 netchild search for other commits by this committer
Add AntiVir Milter, a mail virusscanner using the Sendmail Mail Filter API.
This is a commercial stand-alone solution written in C not a PERL script +
myriads of dependencies + some AV...
Licenses for private (individual, non-commercial) use, e.g. for protecting
your family's home network, can be applied for free of charge.

Submitted by:   Marius Strobl <>
Original commit

Number of commits found: 6