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non port: security/seccure/pkg-plist

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Sun, 11 May 2014
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- Add STAGE support
Fri, 7 Sep 2007
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New port: security/seccure - SECCURE Elliptic Curve Crypto Utility for Reliable

        The seccure toolset implements a selection of asymmetric
        algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). In
        particular it offers public key encryption / decryption,
        signature generation / verification and key establishment.

        ECC schemes offer a much better key size to security ratio
        than classical systems (RSA, DSA). Keys are short enough
        to make direct specification of keys on the command line
        possible (sometimes this is more convenient than the
        management of PGP-like key rings). seccure builds on this
        feature and therefore is the tool of choice whenever
        lightweight asymmetric cryptography -- independent of key
        servers, revocation certificates, the Web of Trust or even
        configuration files -- is required.

PR:             ports/115943
Submitted by:   Lukasz Komsta <>

Number of commits found: 2