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non port: sysutils/cdrtools/pkg-descr.mkisofs

Number of commits found: 4

Wednesday, 2 Jun 2004
17:16 netchild search for other commits by this committer
- Add a workaround for the problem that cdda2wav doesn't use a page
  aligned buffer for the SCSI transfers in paranoia mode. [1]
- Stop the artificial separation of mkisofs from cdrtools and merge
  sysutils/mkisofs into sysutils/cdrtools which brings us in line
  with other distributions. The separation of mkisofs caused quite
  some confusion among users as well as committers about why its
  PORTVERSION was different from the cdrtools port, how to install
  it, etc.

PR:             63775 [1]
Submitted by:   marius
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004
20:46 netchild search for other commits by this committer
erge from sysutils/cdrtools-devel resp. sysutils/mkisofs-devel:

Changes common to cdrtools and mkisofs:
- Delete targets for mkisofs and friends when building cdrtools and vice
  versa to speed up the build of the respective port.
- Respect CC already at the configure-stage.
- Manually replace included copies of config.guess and config.sub with
  versions from ${PORTSDIR}/Templates.
- Install relevant READMEs in DOCSDIR (unless NOPORTDOCS is set), some
  manual pages also reference these.
- Add a workaround for what appears to be a problem with gmake and certain
  locales on -current. [1]

Changes to cdrtools:
- Adjust COMMENT, some tools in this package are for extracting CDs/CD-R[W]s.
- Install scgcheck, a tool to check and validate the ABI of libscg.
- Patch cdrecord to use ${PREFIX}/etc as the location of the global
  configuration file, rather than using /etc/default. The installed
  documentaion also gets patched accordingly and a PKGMESSAGE reflecting
  this change as required by the terms in cdrecord/defaults.c (PR 50835).
- Install a sample configuration file for cdrecord, also install a
  configuration file if it doesn't already exist.
- Patch manpages to better correspond to files and locations on FreeBSD.
- Add a knob to optionally build and install rscsi, a tool that allows using
  SCSI-devices over the network. The required rscsi user gets added
  automatically and templates for the configuration file also get installed.
  PKGINSTALL points to for further information on how to configure remote
  access to SCSI-devices.
  Note that the stock rscsi of cdrtools 2.00.3 has a small security issue,
  the fix from the cdrtools alpha version has been added to the port.
- Remove BSD_SCSI_SENSE_BUG from COPTX (CFLAGS) to libscg (see revision 1.48
  of sysutils/cdrtools-devel/Makefile for a more detailed description).
- Make the direct ATAPI transport (cooked_ioctl interface) of cdda2wav
  (e.g. when used via `cdda2wav -D /dev/acd0`) work on FreeBSD after
  ata(4) was GEOM'ifed and the CDIOCREADAUDIO ioctl removed.
- Properly initialise the verbosity level of cdda2wav when the cooked_ioctl
  interface is used so it's disabled by default.
- Remove unnecessary patch-ai, this patch for supporting Plasmon RF 4100
  originated in the FreeBSD port of cdrtools but the relevant parts were
  incorporated in cdrtools-1.10a14.
- Disable the use of mlockall(2) on all version of FreeBSD (see PR 62930 for
  a description of the problem).

Changes to mkisofs:
- Add MLINKS for devdump.8, isodump.8 and isovfy.8 to isoinfo.8.
- Install isodebug, a simple tool to display the creation date and the
  commandline options used to create a certain ISO-image with mkisofs.
- Remove apple_driver.8, this tool doesn't get installed.
- Unbreak mkhybrid.8 by replacing it with a MLINKS to mkisofs.8.
- Remove patch-bb, its purpose is unclear and there's no indication in the
  CVS history why it was added.

Requested by:   pav [1]
Submitted by:   marius (maintainer)

Changes to UPDATING:
 - add a note about the new location of the global configuration of cdrecord.
Original commit
Sunday, 25 Nov 2001
15:16 dirk search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW.    
Original commit
Thursday, 2 Aug 2001
09:55 dirk search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to cdrtools-1.10 after repository copy from cdrecord.    
Original commit

Number of commits found: 4