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non port: sysutils/daemontools/files/rts-skip.patch

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Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
11:07 roam search for other commits by this committer
Fix another instance of replacing %%DAEMON%% with /usr/sbin/daemon,
somehow missed by dougb - still, thanks for doing it :)  However,
drop the -f option to daemon - with both readproctitle and
multilog, we definitely do *not* want to lose svscan's output.

While I'm here, restore the spirit of the STARTUP_SCRIPT functionality
removed in pgollucci's rc.subr change by introducing the S_NORMAL and
S_EARLY option knobs and modifying the startup script's REQUIRE and
BEFORE settings accordingly.

Add short descriptive headers to the patches and bump PORTREVISION
for the real changes.

Reported by:    Valentin Zahariev <> (the daemon part)
Original commit
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007
10:49 roam search for other commits by this committer
Add a knob to disable the run-time testsuite, e.g. when building with
a NFS-mounted work directory (prompted by PR 115100).
Add support for logging through multilog instead of readproctitle for
the main svscan process and document the startup script variables
(loosely based on PR 111749).

PR:             111749, 115100
Submitted by:   Andrew Hammond<>,
                Charles Sprickman <>
Original commit

Number of commits found: 2